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Antigua features plenty of dining options, but look carefully for local fare

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Antigua Food


Antigua's restaurants cater to a variety of tastes, from Italian and eclectic continental to traditional West Indian cuisine.

Around much of the island, menus are geared toward tourists and offer typical Euro-American style food, but if you prefer to sample Antigua's native fare, you'll still be able to find restaurants that serve up local specialties.  And, although you will only find a few fast food restaurants, they do exist.


...sample local dishes such as ducana and souse...


Lately, locals and travelers alike have been noticing that freestanding restaurants are diminishing in Antigua.  Where more eclectic dining options once prevailed, travelers are more recently finding more limited choices, with the majority of the restaurants located at hotels and especially at all-inclusive resorts.  Further, many restaurants seem to be turning away from local cuisines, in favor of more familiar, tourist-friendly dishes.  Find out which hotels in Antigua have restaurants by visiting our Best Hotels by Dining Options page.

If this suits you just fine, sticking to the main tourist areas such as St. John's, Dickenson Bay, and English Harbour will satisfy your appetite.  If local cuisine is what you're after, you'd do better to explore some of the less tourist-y areas of the island, which can be found further inland and away from the beaches.  Another great way to sample local dishes such as ducana and souse is to visit a road-side food stand.  


Meals tend to range in price from $10(USD) to $30(USD), though budget-conscious travelers can find meals for as little as $5(USD). A night of fine dining out on the town can cost up to $70(USD) at some of Antigua's finest restaurants. Some restaurants quote their prices in E.C. dollars, some in U.S. dollars, and others will include quotes for both. Read more about Antigua's currency and credit card usage here.

Culinary Styles


If you're on the hunt for traditional Antiguan food, look for names like Fungi (or Fungee), souse, callaloo, and pepperpot stew.  These are some of the most commonly served local dishes, but likely still conventional enough that vacationers won't balk at the idea of eating them.  Check out our guide to Antigua's Culinary Styles for detailed descriptions of each of these types of food.


For the most part, you will be able to find the same drinks that you have at hom are also available to you in Antigua, though there are a few extras worth trying.  The fruit juices are often made fresh with local fruits which  provide an alternative to tap or bottled water.  For something a little stronger, be on the look out for Wadadl, which is the local beer, and rum, which is the most popular alcoholic beverage throughout the Caribbean. 

No matter what you're looking for in a trip to Antigua, dining will be the least of your worries.


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