Map of Bars and Restaurants Near Hermitage Bay

5 | Sugar Club Restaurant

(268) 484-3702 | International

This bar and grill can be found just 1.9 miles (3.0 km) south-southeast of Hermitage Bay, and is at Sugar Ridge Resort Limited.


6 | Dennis Beach Bar

(268) 728-5086 | Restaurant

This restaurant is two and a half miles (four kilometers) to the south of Hermitage Bay, and is within Ffryes Beach.


1 | Barrington's Restaurant

(268) 462-3733 | International

Visitors can find this restaurant at Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort, 2.7 miles (4.3 km) north of Hermitage Bay.

2 | Jimmy's Beach Grill & Bar

(268) 462-3733 | Bar and grill

Visitors will find this bar and grill at Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort.

3 | Lagoon Café

(268) 462-3733 | Eclectic

This café can be found within Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort.

4 | Andes on Deep Bay Waterfront Restaurant

(268) 462-3733 | American and Caribbean Cuisine

Vacationers staying at Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort can patronize this restaurant whenever they please, as it's located right on the grounds.


7 | Darkwood Beach Bar

(268) 462-8240 | Caribbean

Found within traveling range from Jolly Harbour, this bar and grill is located three miles (five kilometers) south of Hermitage Bay.


The above map shows 7 local food and drink venues tourists can find within three miles (five kilometers) of Hermitage Bay. Many of them are within Five Islands, which you'll find 2.0 miles (3.2 km) north of the resort. To find additional details about what you'll find nearby, or to see a more detailed view of the area, use your mouse to explore the map further. The map numbers seen on the pins above match the numbers found in the list that follows.

Restaurants Near Hermitage Bay
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 International Barrington's Restaurant 2.7 mi. (4.3 km)
2 Caribbean Jimmy's Beach Grill & Bar 2.7 mi. (4.3 km)
3 Eclectic Lagoon Café 2.7 mi. (4.3 km)
4 American, Caribbean Andes on Deep Bay Waterfront Restaurant 2.7 mi. (4.3 km)
5 International, Seafood, Steak, Sushi Sugar Club Restaurant 1.9 mi. (3.0 km)
6 Restaurant Dennis Cocktail Beach Bar & Restaurant 2.5 mi. (4.1 km)
7 Caribbean, Seafood Darkwood Beach Bar 3.0 mi. (4.8 km)

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