Can We Talk in Antigua?

Just like in North America, the official language of Antigua is English

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Languages spoken in Antigua

When visiting the island of Antigua, most vacationers feel right at home.

Not only are Antiguans generally friendly and welcoming of visitors, but due to the early colonization of the island by British settlers, the official language of the island is English. This will ease the mind of most English speaking tourists, as they will have no need to call upon the help of a translator.

Although English is the primary language in Antigua, several dialects are spoken around the island. The island's natives speak Antiguan Creole English and Barbuda Creole English. These dialects sound similar to Jamaican or Bahamas' Creoles. Although accents and dialects may be a little difficult to understand, they are all English-based.

With almost no language barriers to overcome, Antigua is truly accessible to English speaking visitors, which makes the gorgeous tropical island that much more appealing to eager tourists.


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