Need Help Making Decisions for Your Trip to Antigua?

Planning a trip to Antigua means being prepared to make some important decisions

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Planning a Caribbean vacation entices travelers with dreams of beautiful beaches. Antigua is no exception. Between the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, these tropical locales boast enough beaches for every day of the year. Unfortunately, choosing which ones to spend your days on is only one of your decisions.

Research can help vacationers choose a destination and a means of getting to Antigua. Find out which beaches and activities match your interests. When there is so much to choose from, deciding what's right for you should be a breeze. Ask yourself a few questions to help make these decisions.

What area of Antigua and Barbuda is best for me?


Vacationers who are mainly concerned with specific activities often find many of their decisions already made for them. For example, travelers to Antigua will most likely stay near St. John's if they have an interest in history and Antiguan culture. Meanwhile, visitors looking to "get away from it all" may spend some time on Barbuda.

Some Internet travel vendors allow potential vacationers to search by activity for hotel locations near hot spots for certain activities. This is just one of many ways to begin to narrow your options.

Don't forget that Barbuda is more difficult to reach than Antigua, and that even Antigua itself is very small. While travelers can fly to Antigua, the trip to Barbuda is another story entirely. Because of this, some travelers might shy away from Antigua and Barbuda, although most visitors enjoy the laid-back style of these islands.

How will I get there?

Sailing to Antigua is extremely popular - especially during Sailing Week, which happens each April. However, this type of travel isn't for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Because of this, most vacationers choose another, less adventuresome route to the islands.

Airlines and cruise companies offer plenty of alternatives, depending on how much of your vacation you'd like to spend on the island and how much you'd like to spend simply relaxing and having a good time. The speediest journeys are by airplane. Remember that when traveling on a cruise, island stopovers can be quite brief.

Where will my travels in Antigua take me?

After you've decided where to stay in Antigua, you still have a few more decisions to make. It's best to finalize the particulars of where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do before you arrive, in case other arrangements need to be made.

After choosing the area in which you'd like to stay, it's easier to narrow down which hotel, resort, or other accommodation you prefer. Some people make accommodation choices based on activities. For example, a golf fanatic may choose a hotel with an on-site golf course.

If culture is your top priority, you'll want to stay near Antigua's top cultural attractions, perhaps in English Harbour or St. John's, where visitors will find plenty of interesting activities nearby.

Decide whether you want to avoid typical tourist destinations or be right in the midst of them. Families may want to stay at hotels that openly welcome younger guests. On the other hand, those searching for romance may want to avoid such locales. Traveling with a group often involves making group decisions and going on outings that everyone is sure to enjoy. Take everyone's needs and wants into consideration.

The key to your Antigua vacation is customizing it to suit your own interests and needs. With that in mind, take your pick of any of Antigua's beaches and you're sure to find a slice of paradise waiting for you.


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