What Do I Need to enter Antigua?

Get your documentation in order before leaving for Antigua

Photo credit: © Czuber | Dreamstime.com

Pack your passport when visiting Antigua

In order to gain entry into Antigua, travelers are required to show a valid passport.

Travelers must also have a return or onward ticket, proof of accommodations, and sufficient funds throughout their stay. This may seem excessive, but immigration officers must be sure there is a legitimate reason for your coming to the island.


When traveling outside your home country, consider these pointers to eliminate hassle:

  • Give yourself plenty of time between when you apply for a passport and the actual vacation because the application process can take a minimum of three weeks.

  • Passport applications take longer to process in the spring. The fall and winter months are the best times to apply.

  • The United States requires a passport for entry or re-entry from any traveler returning from the Caribbean islands, including U.S. citizens.

If you are an Australian, British, Canadian, European Union, Japanese or U.S. citizen, you generally do not need a visa to visit Antigua unless you are traveling on business. Contact an embassy or consulate for further questions on visas. Tourists and Antiguans have to pay a departure tax when leaving the island. For vacationers, the cost of the tax is $28(USD).

Knowing what to bring with you, and how you'll need to get it, will help speed the process of getting you into and out of Antigua.


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