What's Near Pineapple Beach Club

Lots of people plan to spend their holidays in Antigua just for the beautiful beaches that the island is known for.

If you are a fan of the beach, Pineapple Beach Club is the right spot for you. This lodging is set along the water, so guests can spend their whole trip in the sun if they so desire.

Nearby Beaches

Green Island Beach

All of the nearby shorelines in the following table have something unique to offer. Click the names below to learn about amenities and other details:

Beaches Near Pineapple Beach Club
Beach Distance Direction Location
Long Bay 0.1 ENE 1.1 mi. Northeast of Willikies
Nonsuch Bay North 0.9 SSW Willikies, Antigua
Nonsuch Bay South 1.1 S 0.7 mi. Southeast of Willikies, Antigua
Harmony Hall Eastern Beach 2.1 S Nonsuch Bay, Antigua
Harmony Hall Western Beach 2.2 S Nonsuch Bay, Antigua
Green Island Beach 2.4 SE Green Island
Green Bay Isthmus Beach 2.7 SSE 2.7 mi. Southeast of Willikies, Antigua
Grape Bay East 2.7 NW Guinea Island
Green Bay Beach -- -- 2.8 mi. Southeast of Willikies, Antigua
Grape Bay West 3.1 NW Guinea Island
Great Deep Bay Beach 3.1 S 3.0 mi. Southeast of Willikies, Antigua
York Island Beach 3.4 SSE York Island
Exchange Bay Beach 3.7 S 3.5 mi. South-Southeast of Willikies, Antigua
Great Bird Island Beach 3.9 NW Great Bird Island
Half Moon Bay Beach 4.1 S 3.7 mi. South of Willikies, Antigua

Long Bay is probably the most convenient option to visit near the resort. There is a local flavor to Long Bay Beach sometimes missing in Antiguan beaches because they are so dominated by resorts. While there is a resort here, there are also many local businesses and vendors who can show you what real island flavor is all about.

If you're on the lookout for a more secluded spot of sand, Green Island Beach might be just right for you. One of the many small islands off the Antiguan coast, Green isle is a privately owned island, which has belonged to the Mill Reef club since 1947. If you visit, you will discover several beautiful, secluded beaches. You can find it two and a half miles southeast of the resort.

Nearby Areas

Visitors who are curious about what's nearby may want to know how far the closest neighboring city or town is from the property. Pineapple Beach Club is situated on the eastern side of the island of Antigua; it's to the northeast of Willikies.

The table below lists some of the areas near Pineapple Beach Club.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Willikies, Antigua 0.9 SW
Nonsuch Bay, Antigua 2.1 S
Green Island 2.5 SE
Guinea Island 3.2 NW
York Island 3.4 SSE
Newfield, Antigua 3.7 SW
Freetown, Antigua 3.7 S
Great Bird Island 4.0 NW
Smith Island 4.0 S
Parham, Antigua 5.0 W

Nearby Attractions

Betty's Hope

Pineapple Beach Club is a wonderful locale for active tourists. There are a good amount of active pursuits to be enjoyed when starting at this accommodation. As a matter of fact, this region is simply full of places for travelers to explore, like Old Sugar Factory, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour, and Betty's Hope. Of the three nearby attractions, the closest is Old Sugar Factory.

Still more attractions, within the vicinity of the lodging, are listed in the table below.

Attractions Near Pineapple Beach Club
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Old Sugar Factory Historical Site 7.1 W 3.0 mi. East of St. John's
Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour Zip Line Site -- -- Sweets
Betty's Hope Museum -- -- 2.5 mi. West of Willikies
National Hero's Park Museum 8.3 W 1.9 mi. East of St. John's
Sweets Windmill Ruins Historical Site 8.6 WSW 3.3 mi. Northwest of Falmouth Harbour
Old Sugar Mill Ruins Historical Site 8.6 W Cassada Gardens
Monk's Hill Park Park 7.4 SW 0.5 mi. North of Falmouth Harbour
Victoria Park Botanical Garden 9.8 W St. John's
Wallings Resevoir Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.8 WSW --
Deluxe Cinemas Movie Theater 10.1 W Downtown St. John's
Greencastle Hill Park Historical Site 10.7 W 2.5 mi. East of Jolly Harbour
St. John's Cathedral Historical Site 10.1 W Downtown St. John's
The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda Museum 10.2 W Downtown St. John's
Caribbean Cinemas - Antigua Megaplex 8 Movie Theater 9.8 W St. John's
Orange Valley Gardens Botanical Garden -- -- Willikies
Admiral House Museum 7.9 SW English Harbour
Nelson's Ruins Northeast Historical Site 8.2 SW English Harbour
Nelson's Ruins West Historical Site 8.2 SW English Harbour
Nelson's Ruins Southeast Historical Site 8.2 SW English Harbour
Dockyard Museum Museum 8.1 SW English Harbour
Nelson's Dockyard National Park Park 8.1 SW English Harbour
Fort Berkeley Historical Site 8.1 SW English Harbour
Jones Valley Trail Park -- -- 0.7 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Lookout Trail Park 7.9 SW 0.7 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Shirley Heights Fort Historical Site 7.9 SW 0.8 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Fort James Historical Site 11.6 W St. John's
Carpenters Rock Trail Hiking Trail 8.1 SW 0.8 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Detour Bike Trails Park -- -- 1.6 mi. Southeast of Jolly Harbour
Fort Barrington Historical Site 13.1 W Five Islands

If you're searching for an interesting place to visit, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour is an option worth considering. Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour is a unique way to view the rainforest of Antigua. On one of nine zip-lines or two canopy bridges you can experience a fully guided and exhilarating tour of some of the most beautiful land on the island.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're deciding where to stay, it can often be helpful to learn about nearby accommodations in order to get a feel for the area. While there are only a handful of additional hotel and resort options right around Pineapple Beach Club, the quiet surroundings here are what make it an ideal option for travelers looking for a peaceful destination. Nonetheless, you will still be able to encounter other accommodations by heading out a little farther. Learn about all of the surrounding area's hotel booking options by viewing the following table.

Accommodations near Pineapple Beach Club
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Verandah Resort And Spa 0.5 ESE 1.3 mi. East of Willikies, Antigua
Harmony Hall 2.1 S Nonsuch Bay, Antigua
Tree Tops Resort 4.3 S 3.9 mi. South of Willikies, Antigua
Jumby Bay 5.8 NW Long Island, Long Island
St. James's Club 6.4 SSW Mamora Bay, Antigua
Oceanic View Cottages 6.7 W Freeman's Village, Antigua
Antigua Beachcomber Hotel 7.4 WNW Dutchman Bay, Antigua
Dutchman's Bay Cottages 7.7 NW Dutchman Bay, Antigua
Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort 7.7 SW Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
The Ocean Inn 7.7 SW English Harbour, Antigua

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