Map of Bars and Restaurants Near St. James's Club


(268) 562-8179 | Delicatessen

Head a mile (a kilometer and a half) to the northwest from St. James's Club to get to this delicatessen, which is located in the southwestern part of Willoughby Bay.


3 | Terrace

(268) 460-1014 | French and International Cuisines

Found on the same premises as Inn At English Harbour, this restaurant is located just a mile or two from St. James's Club.

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4 | The Reef

(268) 460-1014 | International and Caribbean

This restaurant can be found within Inn At English Harbour.

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2 | Cambusa Italian Restaurant

(268) 562-2226 | Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine

Head just 2.8 miles (4.6 km) west from St. James's Club to get to this restaurant, which is located on the bay.

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5 | Wardroom

(268) 460-1160 | CafA(c)

Travelers can find this cafA(c) on the premises of The Copper & Lumber Store Hotel, two miles (three and a half kilometers) to the west of St. James's Club.

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6 | Mainbrace Pub

(268) 460-1160 | Fish and Chips

Find this pub within the domain of The Copper & Lumber Store Hotel.

7 | Ristorante Paparazzi

(268) 562-8136 | Italian

This restaurant is situated on Antigua Slipway, and is a quarter mile (a quarter kilometer) from Mainbrace Pub.

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The above map displays 7 nearby food and beverage venues you can find within three miles (four and a half kilometers) of St. James's Club. The closest option for French and Caribbean cuisine is Le Zest (map number 1), which is situated 1.0 miles (1.5 km) Northwest of the accommodation. For more information about what's available in the vicinity, or to see another view of the region, explore the map by clicking on various points. The pin numbers seen on the map above correspond with those listed on the table below.

Restaurants Near St. James's Club
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Caribbean, French Le Zest 1.0 mi. (1.5 km)
2 Italian, Mediterranean Cambusa Italian Restaurant 2.8 mi. (4.6 km)
3 Caribbean, French, International Terrace 1.9 mi. (3.0 km)
4 Caribbean, International The Reef 1.9 mi. (3.0 km)
5 International Wardroom Restaurant 2.2 mi. (3.5 km)
6 British, Caribbean, Fish And Chips Mainbrace Pub 2.2 mi. (3.5 km)
7 Italian, Pizza Ristorante Paparazzi 2.0 mi. (3.3 km)

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