Stony Horn Bay Beach

Enclosed on either side by cliffs, and backed by a dense forest, Stony Horn Bay Beach is protected from the outside world, making the beach a perfect spot for anyone looking to get away from the cities and people.

Located on the island of Antigua, You should think about stopping by whether or not you're staying nearby.

How to Access The Beach
The beach is located on a peninsula that only has one main road that goes in a circle. If upon entering the road you head north, then the first branch off further north will take you towards Stony Horn Beach. Once you find a place to park, you will likely need to hike a little before reaching the water.

Amenities and Ambiance

The waves at Stony Horn Beach can be a little rough, but there are definitely larger waves elsewhere on the island, as the cliffs that are located here help block some of the rough waters. Visitors will be able to explore the cliffs, and the entire forest behind them, as long as they are up for a hike.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, which is something to consider if you plan to spend a full day in the sun.

What's Nearby


Positioned on the East coast of Antigua; it will be near other attractions like Taino's & Millennium Galleries, which is one of the closest attractions.

History-focused attractions such as Fort Barrington are a wonderful compliment to the scenery of Stony Horn Bay Beach, plus they allow vacationers to learn more about Antigua, without straying too far from the coastline. As a matter of fact, this site can be found a short cab ride away from this destination of historical interest.

Beaches are nice for a few hours here and there, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following table includes the closest attractions.

Activities and Attractions Near Stony Horn Bay Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Taino's & Millennium Galleries Art Gallery 1.5 mi. SE Antigua
Jolly Harbour Golf Course Golf Course 1.6 mi. SE Antigua
Royal Antiguan Gambling Arcade 2.9 mi. NNE Antigua
Fort Barrington Historical Site 3.2 mi. NNE Antigua
Greencastle Hill Park Historical Site 3.4 mi. E Antigua
Fort James Historical Site 4.0 mi. NE Antigua
King's Casino Casino 4.4 mi. NE Antigua
Gismary Art Gallery Art Gallery 4.5 mi. NE Antigua
ZEMI Art Gallery Art Gallery 4.5 mi. NE Antigua
Paradise Casino Casino 4.5 mi. NE Antigua
Asot's Arcade Slot Machine Arcade 4.6 mi. NE Antigua
The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda Museum 4.6 mi. NE Antigua

Cities and Towns

Stony Horn Bay Beach is close to Jolly Harbour, so you can explore the city after your visit to the beach. Jolly Harbour is nearby and is not lacking in exploration opportunities, yet also not overflowing with buildings. From the coast, Jolly Harbour is just up the road, about a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers).


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends on many factors: the time of sundown, happy hour, even how many people have booked rooms nearby. Typically, you can expect to encounter quite a few visitors from lodgings in the area.

Because the beach is located in a fairly popular vacation destination, it usually isn't all that tough to find a hotel nearby that suits you tastes. For vacationers wanting to book a place that's on or near the ocean, the following table shows the accommodations closest to Stony Horn Bay Beach.

Accommodations near Stony Horn Bay Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Hermitage Bay 0.6 mi. E Resort
Tranquility Bay 1.5 mi. SE Hotel
Jolly Beach Resort & Spa 1.7 mi. SE Resort
Hawksbill Beach Resort 2.1 mi. N Resort
Sugar Ridge Resort Limited 2.3 mi. SSE Hotel
Cocobay Resort 2.3 mi. S Resort
Cocos 2.3 mi. S Hotel
Galley Bay 2.5 mi. N Hotel
Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort 2.9 mi. NNE Hotel
Coconut Beach Club 3.2 mi. NNE Hotel


If you're on the beach and start to get the munchies, don't worry, you'll have plenty of places to dine, without having to go too far. One of the closest restaurants is Castaways. The restaurant has both Asian and Creole dishes on the menu. They are also known for serving seafood.

The following table provides a list of places to eat near this beach.

Restaurants near Stony Horn Bay Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Castaways (268) 562-4446 Asian, Creole, International -- 1.4 mi. SE
Peter's BBQ Steak House (268) 462-6026 Steak house -- -- --
Saffron Restaurant (268) 562-4781 Asian, Eclectic, Indian Fine Dining -- --
Al Porto (268) 562-7848 Italian -- 1.5 mi. SE
Bocciolo Italian Restaurant (268) 462-0061 Italian -- 1.7 mi. SE
Hemispheres International Restaurant (268) 462-0061 International -- 1.7 mi. SE
Lydia's Caribbean Seafood Restaurant (268) 462-0061 Caribbean -- 1.7 mi. SE
Ustav Indian Cuisine (268) 462-0061 Indian -- 1.7 mi. SE
Melini's Ristorante (268) 562-4173 Italian -- 1.8 mi. SE
The Crow's Nest (268) 562-2637 International Very Casual 1.8 mi. SE
Sugar Club Restaurant (268) 484-3702 International Informal 2.2 mi. SE
Carmichael's (268) 562-7700 ext. 329 Caribbean -- 2.3 mi. SSE

Other Beaches

Of course, there are lots of other spots along the coast of Antigua, so Stony Horn Bay Beach is just one of your options.

You may also want to consider Hermitage Bay, another great Antigua beach site.

Of course, there are lots of other things to do and see in Antigua; then again, Stony Horn Bay Beach is both a relaxing, sunny hangout and a stunning natural feature.


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