Wanna Talk in Antigua?

Telephone services in Antigua make calling home as easy as pushing a button

Photo credit: © Fionadeaton | Dreamstime.com

Making phone calls in Antigua is simple. Most hotels have in-room telephones and offer a USA Direct calling service.

To call the United States from Antigua, dial 1, the area code, and then the number. To call Antigua from the United States, dial 1, 268, and the number. You can also connect to a U.S. operator from your hotel or from the office of Cable and Wireless on Long Street in St. John's, where you can also send telegrams and faxes.


To save money on long-distance charges, you may want to purchase a phone card, which can be used to connect with an American long-distance service provider, such as AT&T USADirect, which can be reached at some hotels and pay phones at 800-872-2881. Other phone companies can be reached on the island as well, including MCI at 800-888-8000 and Sprint at 800-366-4643.

Most tri-band telephones work on the island, but check with cellular service providers to see if they have any agreements with any of the Antiguan cellular providers like Cable and Wireless, PCS, APUA, or Cingular.

In any emergency, dial 999, 911, or 268-562-2433, which will put you in touch with the proper authorities.

Keeping in touch with home is easy on the island of Antigua, which means one less thing to worry about while enjoying a tropical vacation.


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