Temperatures in Antigua

Of all the Caribbean islands, Antigua boasts the driest, sunniest weather.  A few scattered showers certainly won't ruin your tropical getaway.

Still, it is best to review the predicted weather for the time you plan to visit.  This will allow you to plan what clothes to pack, and which activities you will be able to participate in.  The following chart helps by  listing high and low temperature averages for each month of the year. 

Average High and Low Temperature
  Monthly Averages
Month High Low
January 81.0° F 73.0° F
February 82.0° F 73.0° F
March 82.0° F 74.0° F
April 83.0° F 75.0° F
May 85.0° F 77.0° F
June 86.0° F 79.0° F
July 87.0° F 79.0° F
August 87.0° F 79.0° F
September 87.0° F 78.0° F
October 86.0° F 77.0° F
November 84.0° F 77.0° F
December 82.0° F 74.0° F
Annual 84.0° F 76.0° F


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