Arecibo Attractions

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Home to the world's largest telescope, Arecibo draws a crowd of tourists looking to the sky.  Down on the ground there are a few other attractions that garner a certain amount of interest as well, including a lighthouse, a waterfall, and a few parks.

Historical Sites

Arecibo Lighthouse Historical Park

Do you enjoy learning about the history of foreign countries? If yes, you might enjoy visiting a historical site while vacationing in Arecibo.

A common landmark for vacationers is Arecibo Lighthouse Historical Park. It is located in eastern Arecibo. Explore the history, the ecosystem, and the fun of coastal Puerto Rico at the Arecibo Lighthouse Historical Park.

If you are looking to do more sight-seeing, visit Arecibo Observatory. It is located 8.6 mi. South of central Arecibo. Arecibo offers an educations program to guests called "More Than Meets the Eye - Exploring he Invisible Universe." The program teaches about using all senses to explore the uncharted universe, and focuses on the electromagnetic spectrum and what it is that they do at the observatory. Outside of this class, guests can take a seat in the auditorium for a 20 minute audiovisual show called "A Day in the Life of the Arecibo Observatory."

Take a minute to read the table below for information concerning sites of historical interest in and around the area.

Historic Sites In and Around Arecibo
Name Phone Location
Arecibo Lighthouse Historical Park (787) 880-7540 2.7 mi. East-Northeast of Central Arecibo
Arecibo Observatory (787) 878-2612 ext. 312 8.6 mi. South of Central Arecibo

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Arecibo Lighthouse

Vacationers can enjoy some other worthwhile local landmarks in and near the area.

If the nitty gritty aspects of living by the sea intrigue you, you might enjoy visiting Arecibo Lighthouse. Arecibo Lighthouse is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The table just below enables you to learn more details concerning other kinds of sites of interest to travelers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In and Around Arecibo
Name Type Location
Arecibo Lighthouse Lighthouse 2.7 mi. East-Northeast of Central Arecibo
Monumiento A O Colon Delgado Monument Hatillo, 6.0 mi. West of Central Arecibo

Natural Attractions

Chorro de Oro Waterfall is one of the natural attractions that's enjoyed by many visitors. While this waterfall may be less visited, to does not make it any less beautiful, giving a wondrous sight for any person not wanting to travel too far inland on the island.

Bosque Estatal De Cambalache is another attraction worth a visit. Known for caves and the many bats that call them home, Bosque Estatal De Cambalache is a small park that is rarely crowded. The area is also packed with sudden and steep hills, known as mogotes that give the area a unique landscape that nature-lovers and eco-tourist should enjoy.

These examples are just some of the available options. To visit our detailed page about natural attractions in and around the area, read this page.


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