Arecibo Car Rentals

Renting a car for your stay in Arecibo is recommended

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Travelers staying in Northern Puerto Rico will find that renting a car is recommended over all other forms of transportation. This is a suggestion that encompasses Arecibo thanks to its location along the north coast headed west from the capital city of San Juan. Of course, this is not a requirement, but as you read on and learn how simple the process is, you may find that the choice to rent a car suits you.

Rental Cars

Located within an hour and a half's drive of two airports (Rafael Hernandez Airport and the ever popular Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport), many tourists will choose to rent their car directly from a rental car agency at one of the airports and drive into Arecibo to their accommodations. Those who will only want to rent their car for a day or so rather than their whole vacation will also find them to be conveniently located throughout town, especially in Arecibo Pueblo, which is the administrative center of the municipality.

The table below lists the rental agencies in and around Arecibo.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Hatillo (787) 880-4225 Carr #2 KM. 81.4 Marginal - Hatillo
Easy Car Rental (787) 820-9999 Camuy
Hertz Hatillo Downtown (787) 878-8515 Hatillo

The Cost of Renting a Car

In order to rent a car in Puerto Rico, you'll need a valid driver's license from home as well as be over the age of 25. People between 21 and 24 are often allowed to rent, but an extra fee of between $10 and $25(USD) will be added to the bill. The good news is that rentals in Arecibo won't break the bank at just around $40 to $60(USD) a day, and prices going lower the longer you rent the vehicle. The bad news is that this number does not include taxes, fees, and insurance, so keep that in mind as you review prices on-line – you may end up spending up to $20(USD) more a day than the quoted number. Also be keenly aware that most rental agencies require a deposit of up to $500(USD) which will be charged to your credit card. The fee will clear once you've returned the vehicle, but in the meantime, that will be $500(USD) you won't be able to spend on your credit card.


...gas is sold by the liter...


Driving in Arecibo is much like driving in the United States, with a few subtle differences. Traffic moves to the right side of the road, road signs are posted in miles per hour, drinking and driving is illegal, and seat belts are required. The roads are paved, often well-cared for, well-lit, and well-marked with traffic signals throughout town. Just like in the United States, there are some roads that could use some extra love, especially right along the coast where erosion has left a few cracks and pot holes.

The most noticeable differences are that signs stating distance are listed in kilometers rather than miles, gas is sold by the liter rather than the gallon (and is slightly cheaper!), and police cars are required to have their lights flashing whenever they are in motion. Drivers in Arecibo are known for their aggression and recklessness, so be prepared to encounter some tailgating and honking horns and don't let it get to you.

Buena Vista Texaco Service Station is the one gas station we have for which we have information. If you want more information, you can call them at (787) 898-3641, otherwise find it in Hatillo, 5.5 mi. west of Arecibo.

Any time you drive in a foreign country they are considerations to make, but overall, driving in Arecibo is easy to manage, and tourists are rarely discouraged from renting a car in this northern town.


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