Arecibo Restaurants

Hearty, quick, and easy is what dining is all about in Arecibo. While there are a few restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy a gourmet meal, the available dining options make it seem that most prefer the convenience of picking up a deli sandwich or the indulgence of a pizza pie with friends.

Caribbean and Local

Diners will find a couple of chances to experiment with local flavors and dishes during their time in Arecibo. Be sure to remember that you can click on the links to read additional information.

Caribe Wraps has a couple of cuisine options to choose from, including Creole and International. For a healthy meal in a timely manner, Caribe Wraps has you covered every time. An international chain focused on serving good food that tastes even better, Caribe Wraps is always a great choice. If you are looking to call before booking a room, do so at (787) 881-2343.

A notable dining venue to be aware of is Taco Maker Cimena Arecibo. As the day wares on and you find yourself in need of a quick, hearty, and wholesome meal, head to your nearest Taco Maker. There, you can get fresh made Mexican fare at a reasonable value. If you want to call ahead of time, do so at (787) 816-1417.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Arecibo
Name Location Type Phone Number
Caribe Wraps Central Arecibo Creole, International (787) 881-2343
Taco Maker Cimena Arecibo Central Arecibo Mexican (787) 816-1417

European and Asian

Vacationers will be able to chose from a number of European restaurants in the area, but you shouldn't anticipate finding many options for Asian dining.

Di Carlo Pizzeria is a lunch and dinner option located within the heart of Arecibo. Aside from pizza, Di Carlo also sells calzones. Don't forget dessert!

Tony's Pizza offers a couple of specialties to choose from, including pizza and sandwiches. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, owner Tony Scaleto moved to Puerto Rico in his later years and pursued his lifelong dream of opening a pizzeria that made quality pizzas from fresh ingredients. The restaurant was welcomed to the island with great success, and now it is a popular place to enjoy a pizza or a hot Italian sub. If you want to call ahead of time, do so at (787) 880-1117.

Be sure look through the collection just below if you want to see the relevant choices that you will be able to find inside Arecibo.

European and Asian Restaurants in Arecibo
Name Location Type Phone Number
2001 Pizza Palace Central Arecibo Italian (787) 878-5026
D'Carlos Pizza Central Arecibo Italian (787) 817-1488
Di Carlo Pizzeria Central Arecibo Italian (787) 878-9999
Joe's Pizza Central Arecibo Italian (787) 815-1416
Napoli Pizza Restauranti Central Arecibo Italian (787) 878-5555
Pizzeria Portoitalia Central Arecibo Italian (787) 881-1410
Tanama Pizza Central Arecibo Italian (787) 815-0993
Tony's Pizza Central Arecibo Italian (787) 880-1117
Tony's Pizza World Central Arecibo Italian (787) 878-7007

American and Other

Though you'll find many familiar American-style dining options, you can also try some International and Creole cuisine.

Denny's Arecibo is a local diner located in the heart of Arecibo. Dig into a plate of bacon and eggs, french toast, pancakes for breakfast, or a burger and fries, soup of the day, or even a steak at Denny's. If you have questions, call them at (787) 880-1786.

Lenel Restaurant: Seafood, chicken, and steak are on the menu at Lenel, where the filet Mignon is often praised. Visitors will be able to find them at 51 Palma.

Guests might enjoy trying McDonald's Arecibo. Whether you're in the mood for the infamous Big Mac, some chicken nuggets, or a McFlurry, McDonald's has everything you want for a fast and easy meal. The property is located on Avenida E Padilla y Llorens Torres.

McDonald's Santana is a burger *specialty joint located in the heart of Arecibo. For many, the golden arches symbolizes a meal of comfort foods that reminds them of their childhood, which can be ideal when you are on vacation. Take a trip to McDonald's for a meal that feels like home. Call them at (787) 680-2042.

Take a look through the table just below if you want to learn of all the relevant choices that can be found inside Arecibo.

American and Other Restaurants in Arecibo
Name Location Type Phone Number
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Central Arecibo Eclectic (787) 879-3980
Caribe Wraps Central Arecibo Creole, International (787) 881-2343
Denny's Arecibo Central Arecibo American (787) 880-1786
Lenel Restaurant Central Arecibo International (787) 815-8400
McDonald's Arecibo Central Arecibo American (787) 879-0458
McDonald's Santana Central Arecibo American (787) 680-2042
Mr. Pretzels Arecibo 1.6 mi. Northwest of Central Arecibo American --

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