Arecibo Taxis

Let someone else do the driving by hailing a cab in Arecibo

From the Observatory to Las Tunas, there is plenty to be seen in Arecibo, and not all of it is going to be within walking distance of your accommodations. If you won't be renting a car while you're in town, taking advantage of the local taxi services is a great way to get around quickly without having to get behind the wheel yourself.

Taxi Companies

Tourists who choose not to rent a car will likely spend a lot of their travel time in the back seat of a taxi. The cabs here are well-marked and easy to spot in a crowd, kept relatively clean, and more often than not have friendly drivers. Although you'll see drivers in busier areas of town, near hotels, and by known tourist attractions, you'll likely have to call in advance and have a driver pick you up once or twice.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Local rates depend on the driver. Taxis are metered, and will cost $1 to start plus an extra $0.10 for every one-third mile; however, most drivers prefer to keep the meter off and negotiate a fare, so don't be shy to get in and let the driver know how much you're willing to pay. Do note that if you plan to take a taxi from the Marin International Airport, there is a flat rate of $96(USD) that is not negotiable. Finally, although tipping your driver is not a requirement, it is the norm, and you should plan for between 10 and 15 percent of your total bill.

Want to know what you'll pay to use a cab? Scan this table.

Typical Fares Around Arecibo
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 17.25 - $ 18.00 Arecibo Camuy
$ 15.00 - $ 16.00 Arecibo Hatillo
$ 14.00 - $ 15.00 Arecibo Chorro De Oro Waterfall
$ 11.00 - $ 12.00 Arecibo Nery Juarbe Pol Airport
$ 6.00 - $ 7.00 Arecibo Plaza Shopping Center Arecibo Lighthouse
$ 8.75 - $ 9.25 Arecibo Plaza Shopping Center Plaza Del Norte

Taxi services in Arecibo are easy to come by and if you stay in town you'll the prices to be very reasonable. If you're considering making this your main form of transportation during your stay, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would advice against it.


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