Your clothing while in Aruba should be lightweight, comfortable and casual

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Clothing in Aruba

When planning what to pack for your trip to Aruba, keep some of the islanders sensibilities of dress in mind.  This will allow you to pack comfortable clothing appropriate for any occasion, as well as avoid offending locals with your personal sense of style. 

The dry northeastern trade winds make the tropical sun very comfortable but can also deceive Aruba visitors into thinking they don't need to worry about the sun's effects. Sunscreen is always recommended, especially for fair-skinned people. When choosing clothing to bring, it is important to pack lightweight, breathable materials to allow the cooling effects of those trade winds to do their job.

Women will be comfortable in casual cottons, linens and lightweight synthetics. Hats for protection against the sun are also a good idea, and flat-heeled, soft shoes for comfortable walking. Shorts and slacks can be worn on the streets of Oranjestad, but beachwear is considered by some to be inappropriate in the city streets. Bikinis should preferably be reserved for beaches and swimming pools. There is no real need for elegant evening wear in Aruba unless you have specific plans for an upscale event. Casual silk or linen dresses and slacks will do. A light sweater for the cooler evenings or air conditioned restaurants might come in handy.

For men, casuals and shorts are appropriate during the day. It is no longer customary for men to wear ties at business appointments, though you might consider bringing a sports jacket. As with women, swim wear should be reserved for the beach and swimming pools. Men's swimming trunks may not differ much from regular shorts, but be sure to have a shirt on when strolling the city streets.

Keep these tips in mind when packing clothing for your Aruba vacation to avoid and "uncomfortable" situations.


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