Cura di Tortuga

Cura di Tortuga, also popularly known as Natural Pool, is a natural pool formed by volcanic rock. Despite the difficulty in accessing this spot, many visitors find that a dip into the fresh, crisp waters of the pool worth the trip.


Set in , always welcomes visitors lodging in this part of Aruba. Regardless of whether or not you're staying in the vicinity, you should consider dropping by to check out the sights.

Cura di Tortuga is located in a remote part of Aruba, and can only be accessed with an All Terrain vehicle or on horseback.

Located on the island of Aruba, 1.7 miles northeast of Shette, Cura di Tortuga always welcomes residents and vacationers rooming on this part of the island. Whether or not you are staying nearby, you are free to drop by to check out the sights. It is east of Oranjestad.

Nearby Restaurants

There are plenty of dining options to pick from in the neighborhood immediately near Cura di Tortuga . Canton Tea House is a wonderful eatery to enjoy a meal at before spending time at this lagoon, and is the closest restaurant to it. Warung Mini and Avallone's Ristorante offer additional dining options close-by. At Avallone's Ristorante you and your group will want to try a bit of Italian food and enjoy the culture of Aruba.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find other attractions in the area, including Arikok National Park, which is two and a half miles away near Oranjestad. Also, you might think about heading over to Natural Bridge, which is another attraction in the area.

Being able to choose from some other activities will ensure you won't run out of things to do. The attractions nearest to this particular outdoor site are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Cura di Tortuga
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Arikok National Park -- 2.3 mi. (12.8 km) S 8.0 mi. East of Oranjestad
Natural Bridge -- 2.3 mi. (8.4 km) WNW 5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Noord
Donkey Sanctuary Aruba Other Attraction 2.4 mi. (8.0 km) W 5.0 mi. East of Oranjestad
Fontein Caves GeoFeature 2.6 mi. (14.7 km) SE 9.1 mi. East of Oranjestad
Guadirikiri Caves GeoFeature 3.5 mi. (15.8 km) SE 9.8 mi. East of Oranjestad
Aruba Ostrich Adventures Other Attraction 3.7 mi. (6.2 km) WNW Bushiribana
Bushiribana Historic Site 3.8 mi. (6.1 km) NW Bushiribana
Balashi Gold Mill Ruins Historic Site 4.1 mi. (8.4 km) SW 5.2 mi. Southeast of Oranjestad

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