Fishing Near Aruba

Sail the high seas or spend a little time hooking dinner while fishing in Aruba

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Fishing near Aruba

Aruba's tourist-centric hospitality extends off its shores and into the waters teeming with amazing fishing. Sailing and fishing are both popular pastimes for travelers, but fishing is also an enterprise for many of Aruba's locals.

Aruba Fishing

If you're looking to strike out and catch diverse types of fish, Aruba is the place to do it. Most of Aruba's fishing is done along the calm southwest coast, away from the waves and winds of the north side of the island. However, fishing off the northern coast can yield easy catches when fish become trapped in rocks after storms.

Most of Aruba's deep-sea fishing is done by the challenge of line fishing, in which fishermen fight to wrest their catch from depths of up to 400 feet. Deep-sea fishing is also more popular during the high season, which is tied to the passing of migrating fish. Most of these pass through the area from October through February, though they are available year-round. These fish include wahoo, king mackerel, tuna, and dolphinfish. Some of the area's most popular fish are the varied species of snapper and grouper.  While you may find what are now called Goliath Groupers, formerly called the Jewfish, and also called Djuvis, they have become increasingly rare due to overfishing.

Fishermen should keep in mind that many fish, especially snapper and grouper varieties, are found in all levels of water. Some are available only in certain areas. It is best to consult one of Aruba's fishermen for local information.


Aruba's Shallow Water Fish
Fish Type Also Called
Red Snapper Pargo, Pisca Corra
Silk Snapper Wowo Moriew
Blackfin Snapper Boca Negra
Yellowtail Snapper Grastelchi
Greater Amberjack Brasil
Queen Triggerfish Pishi Porso
Blue Runner N/A
Parrotfish Gutu
King Mackerel Kingfish, Conovis
Grouper N/A

The shallow water fish of the region are said to be the best fighters pound-for-pound of all fish. Many can be caught from the beach or from a small boat in Aruba's shallow waters. Fishing from the shore can be less costly for budget-conscious travelers because there is no need for boat rental. It can also be done from aboard a sailboat. Live bait such as conch or squid are the best bet for reef fishermen looking to catch some very interesting fish.

Often silk snapper and blackfish snappers are sold as red snapper, and many novice fishermen may have difficulty telling snappers and groupers apart. Take a look at the grouper's definitive jaw and teeth to be sure of what you've caught. Groupers are sure favorites of fishermen and chefs. Big Eyed Scads, also called Masbangos or Goggler, are a local favorite.


Aruba's Deep Water Fish
Fish Type Also Called
Grouper N/A
Blue and White Marlin N/A
King Mackerel Kingfish, Conovis
Mahi Mahi Dolphinfish, Dorado
Barracuda Picuda
Wahoo Mulato
Yellowfin Tuna Tuna Rab'I gai
Blackfin Tuna N/A
Albacore Alfrico
Sailfish N/A
Shark N/A
Bonito Atlantic Bonito

Anglers in Aruba typically get the most use out of hand-lines, and nets are useless because of the size of the fish in the local waters as well as the strong currents.  In order to take part in this favorite deep-sea pastime, you'll almost certainly need to charter a fishing boat. Luckily, Aruban charters are easy to find. Head out with a captain and a fishing mate for a half or full-day excursion. A half-day charter will set you back between $220(USD) and $320(USD), while a full-day runs from $400(USD) to $600(USD). Rates generally include equipment, food, and drinks for the journey, but you should ask about what is included just to be sure. Walk along the port at Seaport Marina in downtown Oranjestad to find a wide range of chartering options.

Aruba fishing aficionados and those out on a maiden voyage will each find plenty of fun fishing in the local waters. You may even be able to carry in your catch of the day and find a restaurant to cook it for you.

Fishing Charters

Hadicurari Marina

Hadicurari Marina is located in Oranjestad, near Palm Beach.

Two boats service Fishing Boat Aruba: Makuaka and Caroline.  Both are suited for bottom and deep sea fishing, have covered cabins, and are fully equipped with safety equipment.  Beverages are provided for all trips, and meals are available for guests who book eight to 10 hour trips.

Melina Charters offers both in-shore tackle and fly fishing in half, three-quarter, and whole day increments, as well as bottom fishing for three hour periods.  All charters sail aboard a 23-foot center console called "Mr. Bone Fish."  Pricing includes tackle, spinning gear, and beverages; fly-fishers must bring their own equipment. 

Seaport Marina

Seaport Marina is located in West Oranjestad in the Seaport Village Complex.

A 42-foot Avenger takes anglers out for some of the best deep sea fishing in Aruba with Natasha's Sport Fishing.  Trips are in timed increments of four, six, eight, and ten hours.  Fishing and safety equipment, food, and beverages are provided for passengers on each trip.  Beach trips and snorkeling are also available by request.

Renaissance Marina

Renaissance Marina is located in downtown Oranjestad, just in front of Renaissance Hotel and near Renaissance Market.

Beginning anglers, and families fishing with children in particular will enjoy fishing with Captain Glen and his crew aboard his 46-foot Hatteras Convertible.  Hatts Off Charters offers four, six, eight, and 10 hour deep sea fishing trips that include food, beverages, fishing gear, bate, and tackle are included.  Comfort is important to Hatts Off, who have outfitted their boat with an air conditioned cabin that features comfortable seating.

Visitors looking to do some deep sea fishing can charter a whole or half day with Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters.  Three ships make up the fleet, ranging in size from 42 to 52 feet. Amenities include air conditioning, mate, bate, tackle, and food and beverages for four.  Swimming, snorkeling, and bottom fishing can be arranged as well.

Another option is to sail aboard Sports Fishing Charter's F/V Roozin for a day of deep sea fishing.  The boat features a large cabin with a kitchen and comfortable seating, state-of-the-art fishing equipment, and seven rod stations.  All tackle and bate is included in the price, as are beverages.  Sandwiches are available upon request for full-day trips.  Begining anglers are welcome.

Docked at Bali Pier are Teaser Charters two deep sea fishing charter boats.  Both are Bertram 35's, fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and captained by record-setting fisherman are available for full and half day charters.  Food, drinks, bait, and tackle are provided.


Aruba Fishing Charters
Fishing Boat Aruba Bottom Fishing
3 Hours: $300 to $350(USD)
Deep Sea Fishing
4 Hours: $350 to $395(USD)
8 Hours: $650 to $750(USD)
Marlin Catch
10 Hours: $750 to $850(USD)
Seaport Marina, Oranjestad Phone: 297-731-5566
Hatts Off Fishing Charters 4 Hours: $420(USD)
6 Hours: $630(USD)
8 Hours: $840(USD)
10 Hours: $1050(USD)
Renaissance Marina, Oranjestad Phone: 267-740-4845
Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters 4 Hours: $350(USD) for 4 or less people,
+$30(USD) for each additional person
8 Hours: $700(USD) for 4 or less people,
+$80(USD) for each additional person
Renaissance Marina, Oranjestad
Phone: 297-587-0538
Cell Phone: 297-594-1181
Melina Charters In-Shore Fishing
4 Hours: $260(USD)
6 Hours: $370(USD)
8 Hours: $480(USD)
Bottom Fishing
3 Hours: $225(USD)
+$65(USD) for each additional hour
Hadicurari Marina, Oranjestad Phone: 297-593-1550
Natasha Sport Fishing 4 Hours: $350(USD) for 4 or less people,
+$40(USD) for each additional person
6 Hours: $525(USD) for 4 people or less,
+$60(USD) for each additional person
8 Hours: $700(USD) for 4 people of less,
+$80(USD) for each additional person
10 Hours: $875(USD) for 4 people or less,
+100(USD) for each additional person
Seaport Marina, Oranjestad
Phone: 297-583-5122
Cell Phone: 297-594-0609
Sports Fishing Charters 4 Hours: $290(USD)
8 Hours: $540(USD)
Renaissance Marina, Oranjestad Phone: 297-563-1683
 Teaser Charters
4 Hours: $350(USD) for 4 or less people,
+$25(USD) for each additional person
8 Hours: $700(USD) for 4 of less people,
+$50(USD) for each additional person
 Bali Pier, Oranjestad
Phone: 297-593-9228

There are many wonderful sights that can only be seen from aboard a boat off Aruba's coast. Simply by booking a charter or fishing boat, you can experience the beauty of a tropical island sunset or the magic of a secluded spot untouched by humans.


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