Fontein Caves

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Fontein Cave is not only a unique natural attraction in Aruba, but it is an important part of history. Cave drawings and other artifacts that have been found over the years give scientists a clue that the native Arawak Indians once performed tribal rituals in this spot. Today, guests are invited in to explore the outer chamber of this naturally forming cave.

Because this cave was formed into a wall of coral limestone, a spectacular offering of stalagmite and stalagtite in various odd shapes and sizes decorate this natural structure. Fontein Cave is 13 feet in height and 160 feet deep.

The entrance hall to Fontein Cave is open for exploration, where guests can view stalactite and stalagmite formations, hear the flap of bat wings, and study the cave wall drawings.


Located just outside the heart of the island of Aruba, near Butucu, Fontein Caves welcomes local customers and visitors lodging on this part of the island or nearby. Whether or not you're staying very close, you are free to stop by to enjoy a great time. If you're curious, Oranjestad is to the west.

This cave is located near the Boca Prins on the northern side of Aruba.

Nearby Restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the region surrounding this cave. The most nearby place to eat to Fontein Caves is Subway Cura Cabai, which serves up American food. Ling Nam Bar And Restaurant and Chesterfield Restaurant are some of the additional restaurant options close-by where you could experience the flavors of Aruba, and munch on some tasty cuisine.

Nearby Attractions

Those who enjoy caves, and are interested in visiting others, should check out Guadirikiri Caves and Tunnel of Love; the first of which is less than a mile to the south-southeast of this page's attraction. There are at least one or two other attractions in the area, including Arikok National Park, which is one and a quarter miles away near Oranjestad. Also, you might consider making the trip to Aruba Model Train Museum, which is another attraction close by.

If you're looking for other nearby attractions or activity options, take a look at what is closest in the following table.

Attractions Near Fontein Caves
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Arikok National Park -- 1.3 mi. (11.5 km) W 7.1 mi. East of Oranjestad
Aruba Model Train Museum Museum 4.0 mi. (15.4 km) S San Nicolas
San Nicolas Community Museum Museum 4.2 mi. (15.9 km) S 9.9 mi. Southeast of Oranjestad
Donkey Sanctuary Aruba Other Attraction 4.4 mi. (6.9 km) WNW 4.3 mi. East of Oranjestad

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