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Dining in Aruba can be quite an experience

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Aruba's Food

No two vacations - or vacationers - are exactly alike.  Some visitors enjoy filling their days with activities and island tours, while others like nothing more than to lie on the beach with their feet in the sand, their head in a book, and the sun on their back.  This difference in travelers certainly carries over into the realm of food.  Luckily, there are so many dining options available in Aruba that every guest will surely be able to find exactly what they are looking for.



The price of dining on Aruba is somewhat more expensive than on many other Caribbean islands, however, the wide range of restaurants found here means that there are plenty of options for every budget and vacation style. Travelers should have no problem finding moderately priced meals but are reminded that local specialties such as grouper, mahi mahi, and snapper will be more affordable, as they are more readily available on the island.

Vacationers should note that the Aruba Gastronomic Association (AGA) often offers special discounts to encourage travelers to sample the local cuisine. AGA's creative endeavors include a dine-around program. One of the best bargains includes five breakfasts or lunches and four dinners for $230(USD) per person. Contact the AGA at for more information.

Culinary Styles


Aruban cuisine draws from the delicacies of countries around the world, including the Netherlands, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and even from the native people of their own island.  Combined, these flavors make Aruba's culinary offerings something that every visitor can enjoy.  Furthermore, Arubans prefer to serve dishes that are simple, yet filling, spiced to enhance the dish, not to shock.  This means that people who do not enjoy the spicy offerings typically associated with the Caribbean will not have to pass on sampling local cuisine.  The most popularly eaten meals in Aruba are chicken, rice, beef, and fish based.  Top seafood choices in Aruba include red snapper, mahi mahi, and grouper, which are caught fresh on a daily basis. 

For the sweet tooth in your traveling-party, Aruba is known to showcase numerous delectable desserts.  Many desserts feature locally harvested ingredients such as coconut (cocada, and pudin di coco), banana (banana bread and banana na binja), and even rum (bolo borracho and various cakes soaked in rum).


...Coecoei is a local liquor...


At every meal you'll need  something to wash your food down with.  Fresh juices offer a great opportunity to taste the island's sweet tropical fruits, but bottled water is also highly recommended, due to the refining process utilized on the island that gives it a crisp, clean taste.  Sodas, both Caribbean and American are also widely available.

When juices just aren't cutting it, turn to something stronger.  Coecoei is a local liquor that dates back hundreds of years.  Bottled now by Playa Liquor and Bottling Company, coecoei is red in color because its main ingredient is the sap of the agave plant.  Coecoei is a staple in Aruban mixed drinks, showing up in such show-stoppers as the Aruba Sunset.

Regardless of whether vacationers are searching for a quiet, romantic dinner for two or an accommodating meal for the whole family, there are countless ways enjoy dining in Aruba.


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