How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation in Aruba

Be sure to make a few key decisions before you travel to Aruba

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Traveling to Aruba is a one-of-a-kind experience, however, this diversity can cause vacationers some trouble if they don't know what they're looking for.

Travelers can choose to stay near the tourist-oriented portions of the islands, built with casinos and high-rises, as easily as they can find lodging in a remote villa. Research will help you make informed decisions about where to stay, including which portion of the island would best suit your personal needs. Still, this can be a complicated process, and travelers would be wise to follow a few helpful guidelines.

Narrow Your Search

Travelers who like to fill their vacation with plenty of activities should look into the locations of all of the sites they'd like to visit.  If many attractions are concentrated into one specific part of the island, finding a hotel or resort in that same area would be ideal. 


Aruba is a high-traffic destination, with plenty of direct flights arriving daily. If you are looking to spend your vacation time in a quiet and secluded tropical paradise, Aruba may not be your best option.  Those travelers looking for easy access and lots of activity will find that Aruba is perfect for them.


If you're like most travelers, you'll arrive at Aruba by air or by cruise. Aruba is one of the Caribbean's largest cruise hubs, but many of its visitors would like a longer stay than a cruise can offer and fly to this tropical island. However, those who would like to sail their own craft to Aruba are welcome to do so as well. Once you've decided how you'd like to travel you can then make specific decisions regarding flights or cruise lines. Sometimes travelers find it easier to fly to another island and charter a small plane to reach Aruba, despite large numbers of commercial flights entering the country daily.

On the Island

The hardest part of your decision making process could be choosing what part of Aruba to visit, while others may find making more specified decisions a struggle.  Deciding upon individual accommodations, areas of cities, and other particulars can require a bit more research, but the work is worth it when you arrive on your dream vacation. If you're delighted by Aruba's history and culture you can plan to stay near the gold mills from which Aruba received its name (Oro Ruba or, "Red Gold"); however, if you're more interested in water sports a beachfront resort may be more your speed.

Finding your individual place on the island of Aruba can be difficult or easy, depending on just what you're looking for. Those who intend to spend their days tanning on world famous beaches and don't mind crowds sharing the waves with them will have plenty of hotel and resort options lining the beaches. But those who are looking to get away from it all may have to do a little more research to find just the hotel - or private cottage, villa, or other property - that suits their tastes.

If you're traveling with a group, you'll need to consider the concerns of your traveling companions as well. Families will want to find hotels that cater to children, while travelers looking to have a romance-filled vacation may want to avoid such places and opt for one known for its seclusion. Those traveling in larger packs will want to make sure they include everyone's interests in their itineraries.

Choosing wisely will help to ensure that your vacation in Aruba turns out exactly as you'd imagined. Research will help you to make informed decisions and plan your vacation exactly as you'd like.


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