Asian Cuisine in Aruba

Almost everywhere in Aruba, expect to come upon a tempting spread of restaurants, cafes, and places with delicious cocktails. Fans of Asian cuisine will want to visit the restaurants that always feature it on the menu. Expect to encounter a pretty good variety of dining options that have it on the menu.

Below, pursue the numerous Asian eateries available in Aruba. See one that catches your eye? Click its name to see the full article about its hours, location, and other offerings.


Downtown Oranjestad | (297) 582-4950


Located in the heart of downtown Oranjestad, Kowloon is a viable option for guests exploring this neighborhood. Since this is an informal restaurant, it's perfect for a delicious, but not elaborate, meal.

Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant

Oranjestad | (800) 554-2008

Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant is located on the northwestern edge of Oranjestad, a city in Aruba. Craving a great plate of food in an informal, unpretentious environment? Then start strolling towards the relaxing backdrop at this grill. <p>Ocean views and tropical breezes enhance the restaurant's sleek décor.</p>

Hing Loon Restaurant

Oranjestad | (297) 582-2378

Hing Loon Restaurant is located toward the center of Oranjestad. When all you need is comfortable clothes and to be grabbing some great Asian fare, come to this place where the setting is casual. <p>There is nothing out of the ordinary to recommend the decor at Hing Loon, and some might even say it has a dingy, grimy feel to it. Most people choose to overlook this issue because the food is so outstanding.</p>

J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro

Palm Beach | (297) 586-3888

Situated near the heart of Palm Beach, J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro is a logical selection that's worth considering if you're thinking about going to this town and adjacent locations. Considering this is an informal dining option, it's nice when you're not in the mood to get dolled up. <p>Guests can dine at the hibachi or from a regular menu, with a number of Asian favorites available like Genral Tao's Chicken, Singapore Rice Noodles, and Mongolian Sizzling Beef.</p>

Bo Wah Restaurant

Oranjestad | (297) 583-9080

Bo Wah Restaurant is located near the middle of Oranjestad. People who can't wait to eat Asian dishes should try this place. Take down their info if you'll be staying nearby.

Asian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Asia Sranang 3.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Lagoville Asian (297) 584-0328
Asian Express 1.2 mi. Northwest of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 588-0882
Bo Wah Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 583-9080
Cafe Japengo 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian, Pan Asian / Pacific Rim (297) 586-1234 ext. 36
Chino Latino 0.7 mi. Northwest of Central Noord Asian, Latin American (297) 586-6380
Chubby Panda 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian (297) 586-0809
Hing Loon Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 582-2378
J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro 0.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian (297) 586-3888
King Fung Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 583-6399
Kowloon Downtown Oranjestad Asian, Eclectic (297) 582-4950
Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant 1.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Oranjestad Asian, Caribbean (800) 554-2008
Peking Restaurant Macurima, Central Aruba Asian (297) 584-1299
The Pitstop Restaurant 0.8 mi. Southeast of Central Lagoville Asian, Chinese (297) 584-5334

Similar Food

Universal Seafood Restaurant

If seeking variety within the same genre, you may enjoy the distinct yet similar flavor profiles at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
E Sushi Shap (297) 587-2012 Japanese 1.8 mi. North of Central Oranjestad
Hoi Sing Chinese Bar-Restaurant (297) 584-7617 Chinese 1.8 mi. West of Central Lagoville
Rising Dragon Bar & Restaurant (297) 584-1768 Chinese 1.8 mi. West of Central Lagoville
Ketsu Sushi Bar 297 5 206580 Japanese 1.3 mi. Northwest of Central Noord
Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (297) 586-8071 Thai 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord
Sushi-Ya at Renaissance Marketplace (297) 583-9982 Japanese Downtown Oranjestad
Nobushi (297) 586-2211 Japanese 1.0 mi. Northwest of Central Noord
Lekker Bar & Restaurant (297) 586-2770 Chinese 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Central Noord
Gari & Wasabi (297) 586-0078 Japanese 0.9 mi. East of Downtown Oranjestad
Astoria Bar & Restaurant (297) 584-5132 Chinese 2.3 mi. East of Central Lagoville

You can't plan for it, but sometimes the best food and drink options in Aruba are the ones that you find unexpectedly while journeying to and from your hotel. But of course, it doesn't hurt to make a list of specific places to try. To find out more about the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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