Asian Cuisine in Aruba

While exploring Aruba, expect to be impressed by the savory selection of restaurants and other dining options. Guests who already have plans to eat Asian food should check out those restaurants specializing in this cuisine. You and your hungry sidekicks will find several dining options that have it on the menu.

With many options, from the informal favorite named Cafe Japengo to the crave-inducing dinner and lunch at J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro, you're sure to locate a menu item with just the right elements.


The list below allows you to scan and read details about the wide selection of restaurants serving Asian cuisine available. For each option that interests you, click the name to discover the details about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant

Oranjestad | (800) 554-2008

Situated toward the western outskirts of Oranjestad, Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant is a viable option for guests exploring this part of the city and adjacent areas. When your family is anticipating memorable Asian cuisine that's far from prim and proper, this breezy restaurant is just the thing. For a different dining experience, try the Palm Grill Oceanfront restaurant, where guests grill their own dinner right at the table.


The vicinity of Palm Beach | (297) 586-3388

Set 1.1 miles west of Noord, Blossoms is located at Westin Resort & Casino, and is a good option for you to consider if you're going to spend some time exploring this area of Aruba. From the restaurant, Palm Beach is a short distance (about three quarters of a kilometer) to the north-northeast. The style and service here is definitely a step above, so guests who want to pair this experience with Asian fare should make the trip. The dining atmosphere is themed Asian to match the food available here. It's very upscale and simple, a spot where polished wood and bamboo abound.


Downtown Oranjestad | (297) 582-4950

Positioned near the middle of downtown Oranjestad, Kowloon is a logical choice for people thinking about visiting this neighborhood. Craving a great plate of food in a breezy and inviting environment? Don't miss the relaxing ambiance and service here.

Hing Loon Restaurant

Oranjestad | (297) 582-2378

Hing Loon Restaurant is located in the heart of Oranjestad. When all you need is comfortable clothes and to be digging into a good plate of Asian fare, remember this place which has a really casual setting. There is nothing out of the ordinary to recommend the decor at Hing Loon, and some might even say it has a dingy, grimy feel to it. Most people choose to overlook this issue because the food is so outstanding.

J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro

Palm Beach | (297) 586-3888

Located near the heart of Palm Beach, J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro is a logical choice that's worth considering if you're thinking about going to this town and the surrounding area. Considered by most to be an informal dining option, it's like a mecca for hungry, intrigued travelers touring the town. Guests can dine at the hibachi or from a regular menu, with a number of Asian favorites available like Genral Tao's Chicken, Singapore Rice Noodles, and Mongolian Sizzling Beef.

Asian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Asia Sranang 3.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Lagoville Asian (297) 584-0328
Asian Express 1.2 mi. Northwest of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 588-0882
Blossoms 1.1 mi. West of Central Noord Asian, Chinese, Japanese (297) 586-3388
Bo Wah Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 583-9080
Cafe Japengo 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian, Pan Asian / Pacific Rim (297) 586-1234 ext. 36
Chino Latino 0.7 mi. Northwest of Central Noord Asian, Latin American (297) 586-6380
Chubby Panda 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian (297) 586-0809
Hing Loon Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 582-2378
J. H. Yee's Asian Bistro 0.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord Asian (297) 586-3888
King Fung Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad Asian (297) 583-6399
Kowloon Downtown Oranjestad Asian, Eclectic (297) 582-4950
Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant 1.6 mi. Northwest of Downtown Oranjestad Asian, Caribbean (800) 554-2008
Peking Restaurant Macurima, Central Aruba Asian (297) 584-1299
The Pitstop Restaurant 0.8 mi. Southeast of Central Lagoville Asian, Chinese (297) 584-5334

Similar Food

Universal Seafood Restaurant

You may crave something slightly different, in which case you will find similar ingredients and influences at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Astoria Bar & Restaurant (297) 584-5132 Chinese 2.3 mi. East of Central Lagoville
Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (297) 586-8071 Thai 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Noord
Tatami Sushi Bar (297) 582-9945 Japanese 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad
Hoi Sing Chinese Bar-Restaurant (297) 584-7617 Chinese 1.8 mi. West of Central Lagoville
14-Bis Marketplace Restaurant (297) 588-1440 Chinese 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Oranjestad
Rising Dragon Bar & Restaurant (297) 584-1768 Chinese 1.8 mi. West of Central Lagoville
Ketsu Sushi Bar 297 5 206580 Japanese 1.3 mi. Northwest of Central Noord
Town Dragon Restaurant (297) 583-8044 Chinese 3.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central Lagoville
Hung Paradise Restaurant (297) 588-5243 Chinese Downtown Oranjestad
Sushi-Ya at Playa Linda (297) 586-9949 Japanese 1.0 mi. Northwest of Central Noord

Visitors often find that the best food and drink options in Aruba are those you stumble upon during your daytime travels. That being said, it's still smart to have a few favorites on the itinerary. To learn more information about the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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