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Aruba rental properties provide a true home away from home

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A good vacation should be bursting with options; this is certainly the case when it comes to Aruba rental properties. Renting allows travelers to choose their accommodations and create a personalized getaway.

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In a rental property, you can prepare your own home-cooked food and not worry about infringing on someone else's space. Villas and time-shares are two luxurious Aruba rental options, while budget-conscious travelers can choose from an array of apartments and condos.


Villas are large, luxurious country houses. In addition to being near the beach, villas also provide sports and lounge facilities to their guests. Villas are available for rent by the week, the month, or even the year. Frequent visitors may want to consider buying a villa.


One of Aruba's most lucrative endeavors is the time-sharing business. Time-share properties are usually elegant and are available to rent by the week. Of course, you can also rent with the intent to acquire a home away from home. Every major city and settlement in Aruba has time-shares, so it is easy to find a property near your favorite area or landmark. As with other Aruba rental properties, time-shares should be reserved no later than six months in advance if you plan on staying there during the high season.


If, however, you are more budget-conscious in your approach to vacationing, then an apartment is your best rental option. Apartments can cost from $40 (USD) to $110 (USD) per day. Apartment rentals allow you to purchase and cook your own food, and most are within five to 10 minutes of the beach.

Condos and Villa Complexes On Aruba

Paradera Park

There are non-hotel booking possibilities on the island, which include tons of condominiums and several villa complexes. If you envision yourself soaking up a few rays beside the pool, there are several rental options to pick from with great swimming facilities. Read additional information on each of the options by clicking the names.

Aruba Beach Villas is one property of this type Malmok, in northwestern Aruba. There is a wide variety of villas. The property is located at 462 L G Smith Boulevard.

If you are interested in lots of convenient dining near your accommodation, Aruba Blue Village is one spot you won't want to overlook. The resort offers both temporary stays, as well as a building designated for students and travelers who plan to stay for a duration of three months or longer. There is always something to do around the Aruba Blue Village. If you are looking for something specific and want to call ahead of time, do so at (317) 362-3572 ext. 0.

Another good choice to consider is Del Rey Apartments. One of Aruba's newer properties, Del Rey Apartments is a quiet spot with 26 luxury apartments conveniently located near beaches, golf courses, shopping, and some of the finest restaurants on the island. They're located at 13-D Kamay.

The following chart offers more details on condo and villa complex options.

Condos and Villa Complexes On Aruba
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Allamanda Apartments Apartment building (297) 584-8129


1.6 mi. East of Central San Nicolas
Aruba Beach Villas Villa complex (297) 586-1072


0.6 mi. West of Central Tierra Del Sol
Aruba Blue Village Villa complex (317) 362-3572 ext. 0


2.0 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad
Aruba Cunucu Residence Apartment building (297) 565-0743


0.7 mi. South of Central Tierra Del Sol
Aruba Ocean 105 Villa complex (297) 586-9311


0.7 mi. West of Central Tierra Del Sol
Aruba Tropic Apartments Apartment building (297) 587-6666


2.0 mi. Northeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Bakval Garden Apartment building (297) 586-4290


4.5 mi. North of Central Oranjestad
Camacuri Apartments Villa complex (297) 587-6666


1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Del Rey Apartments Apartment building (297) 586-3309


3.9 mi. North of Central Oranjestad
Gold Coast Villa complex (297) 586-2200


0.2 mi. South of Central Tierra Del Sol
Oceania Resort Villa complex (397) 527-8222


2.9 mi. Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Palma Real Villa complex (297) 586-2662


3.4 mi. North of Central Oranjestad
Paradera Park Apartment building (297) 582-3289


2.4 mi. Northeast of Central Oranjestad
Paradise Beach Villas Villa complex --


3.0 mi. Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Pauline's Apartments Apartment building (297) 733-1089


3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Sasaki Apartments Apartment building (297) 587-6474


2.8 mi. Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Sunset Beach Studios Villa complex (297) 586-3940


0.8 mi. South West of Central Tierra Del Sol
Tierra Del Sol Resort Villa complex (297) 586-7800


0.2 mi. North of Central Tierra Del Sol
Tropicana Resort & Casino Villa complex (297) 587-9000


3.0 mi. Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Villa Bougainvillea Villa complex (297) 586-1005


0.6 mi. West of Central Tierra Del Sol
Villas del Mar Apartment building (631) 410-4663


1.9 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad
Vistalmar Oceanview Apartments Apartment building (297) 582-8579


1.6 mi. Southeast of Central Oranjestad

Bear in mind, Aruba offers plenty of additional types of properties. To navigate to our guide to other kinds of accommodations available for Aruba, read this page.


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