The Bahamas's currency options

Currency in the Bahamas is fixed with that of the U.S.

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The Bahamas's currency options

When traveling to the Bahamas, arranging for seamless monetary transitions can be important. Luckily, many different factors make paying for your trip simple and convenient.

The official currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar, fixed to the U.S. Dollar at an equivalent rate of exchange so that 1(USD) = 1(B$). U.S. currency is accepted widely throughout the islands. You may receive change in either currency, or even both. When exchanging money, banks have the best rates; most of the larger hotels offer exchange services at a slightly higher rate. It's a good idea to exchange enough money for airport incidentals and transportation to your hotel before you leave home, so you won't have to worry about acceptance of your currency while trying to get settled.

Travelers Checks and credit cards will be accepted on most islands in hotels, restaurants, and shops, but you may have trouble paying with personal checks. If you go off the beaten path, take cash.

Automatic Teller Machines are the easiest way to get cash while you're away from home. Look at the back of your bank card to see which network you're on, then call or check online for ATM locations at your destination. The Cirrus network is worldwide, and any debit card endorsed by a major credit card is virtually universally accepted. You may also get cash advances on your credit card at an ATM, provided that you've set up the system and have a PIN to use for such applications. The availability of ATMs varies from island to island, and while New Providence Island and Paradise Island have dozens, many of the smaller islands and cays have none.


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