How to Get the Info You Need for Your Trip to the Bahamas

Before you go, spend some time gathering information about the Bahamas

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Reading about the Bahamas is a fun and easy way to help you learn more about the islands. From travel books to Web sites, the sources of information are almost endless.   Allow your personal interests guide you into discovering the ideal vacation for you.

Exploring this Web site will provide good information on the islands and your general travel needs, but will be most beneficial to you if used in conjunction with the official Web site for the Bahamas, Searching the Internet may also reveal several unexpected places to find great information online.

Internet travel vendors are one often-overlooked resource. The detailed descriptions of lodging options and regional information found in such places aren't always available from general travel Web sites and will come in very handy when making decisions about your accommodations and on-island plans. Take advantage of the research that these Web sites have already done when trying to determine which amenities are indispensable or which islands are can't-miss destinations. Frequently, local businesses can also be found on travel Web sites, enabling vacationers to make arrangements for island services (such as biking tours or snorkeling lessons) from the comfort of home.


Budget considerations are addressed by certain vendors, as are itineraries that involve multiple locations. By getting acquainted with different Internet travel sellers and the distinct advantages and disadvantages offered by each, you will be better prepared to make decisions later.

Guidebooks and magazines are another great option for travelers hoping to learn more about the Bahamas. Spend some time in your local bookstore comparing different types of travel guides. Although they will have a lot similar information, different writers will focus on varied aspects of vacationing, so it should be easy to find a guidebook that parallels your own vacation style. Travel magazines that focus on the Caribbean are another great source.  These magazines often include pieces on the Bahamas because it is a particularly popular destination.  Even if there are no articles on the Bahamas in the particular issue you pick up, check for access to online archives of these periodicals, which provide readers with the opportunity to peruse back issues from their personal computers.

Finally, don't discount the wealth of information available from family, friends, and colleagues who have visited the Bahamas. Their real-world experiences can prove invaluable and you may be surprised at how helpful they are when you are planning your trip. Ask them about their own travels and then take notes as your coworker offers advice about the best bar to hit in Nassau, or your uncle recommends a great fishing spot on Bimini.

If your friends' travels have never taken them to the Bahamas, you can still get the same kind of insider information by consulting message boards and forums found on some large Caribbean travel Web sites. Here users are able to share their own experiences and answer any questions that other vacationers may have. Keep in mind when you are posing a question, however, that you should weigh the credibility of your source before basing your decisions on their input.

Researching the Bahamas is an essential part of knowing what to expect when you get there. From the excitement of Grand Bahama to the tranquil seclusion of many of the Out Islands, finding the trip that fits you best is a matter of making sure that you're aware of all the options available. Once you've gotten the information you need, you can begin putting it to use by making the important decisions that will guide your Bahamas vacation.


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