Can We Talk in the Bahamas?

Vacationers are liable to hear several languages when traveling in the Bahamas

Photo credit: © AdamMerkel

Languages spoken in the Bahamas

Until 1973, the Bahamas - like many other Caribbean nations - was a commonwealth and property of the British empire.

The official language of the Bahamas is still English, but many Bahamians speak a unique dialect of the language. Here, the locals combine British English with language taken from their native African, Irish, or Scottish heritage. The islands' Haitian residents also speak Creole.

Trying to speak in a local accent is something you probably should not attempt in public without the help of a professional. In short, you'll just sound silly. Still, it's fun to try an accent in your hotel room. But when talking to locals, it is best to use your native accent. The Bahamian people understand what you are saying - even if you have a little trouble catching onto their dialect. If you don't understand what people say, politely ask them to speak slower or to repeat themselves.

All in all, the language of the Bahamas should be the least of your concerns when planning your island vacation.


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