Sports in the Bahamas

Cricket, football, baseball, and basketball are all popular in the Bahamas

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Even though you may not hear about Bahamian sports on a regular basis, there are a certain number of sports that are popular on the islands.  You have the option of getting in on the action when you visit the Bahamas.


Cricket is perhaps the most popular sport in the Bahamas.  If you'd like to play cricket while you're in the Bahamas, you can visit the Lucaya Cricket Club on Grand Baham Island.  There are training sessions three times a week, and visitors have free reign of equipment free of charge.  If you are around at Easter or Thanksgiving, you can sit on and watch a tournament hosted by the club.  You can also check out the outdoor Cricket Field in Nassau, where professional games are played during weekends in the summer.

Bahamas Football Association

In recent years, football (or as American's know it, soccer) has increasingly become a more competitive sport in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas Football Association hosts three teams: the Senior Men, Senior Women, and Junior Men. 


You can catch a Bahamas National Football League game when you visit the islands during football season.  Unfortunately, as of May 2011, the league has never qualitfied (or has qualified and withdrew) for any major events such as the World Cup and the Gold Cup.  The Bahamas Football Association also hosts many community football events throughout the year, check with your concierge desk, or the local paper, for events during your visit.

Bahamas Baseball Federation

Baseball came to the Bahamas via warships docked in the Nassau Harbour.  Although the popularity of baseball by no means reaches the level of popularity the sport sees in the United States, there is a collection of both major league and minor league teams on the islands.  The Bahamas baseball season begins in the spring in runs through the summer.  If you are visiting during this time, don't hesitate to check out a game. 

Bahamas Basketball Federation

It was 1934 when basketball was introduced to the Bahamas, and it has been popular ever since, especially with island youth.  There are a number of basketball leagues throughout the islands, ranging from children's leaves, all the way up to a national women's team and a national men's team.  The island's are most proud of, however, native islanders who have gone off to play in the United States NBA.  These men include Dexter Cambridge (Dallas Mavericks), Rick Fox (Boston Celtics), Ian Lockhart (Phoenix Suns), and Mychal Thompson (Los Angeles Lakers). 

Award Winning Islanders

There are a lot of sporty Bahamians, many of which who have excelled so highly in their sport that they have won tournaments, and even attended Olympic events.  Most notably, the Bahamas Women's 4 x 100 Relay Team won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics, and a gold in 2000 Olympics.  In 2002, Mark Knowles, a Bahamian tennis player won the Men's Doubles Championship at the Australia Open (along with his Canadian partner, Daniel Nestor). 

Attending a sporting event hosted by the islands of the Bahamas can be a fun and exciting way to spend some of your vacation time.  Sports provide you with a way to mingle with the locals, as well as scope out the regional talent.  If you're interested in sports, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.


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