Playing Tennis in the Bahamas

Tennis courts are not hard to find in the Bahamas

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Whether you're a casual player, or someone who trains with purpose every day of the week, you won't believe the multitude of options available when it comes to playing tennis in the Bahamas.

When you poll all of the islands of the Bahamas you will discover that there are more than one hundred tennis courts available for use.  Most are located on resort properties, and allow guests to play for free, or private courts where you can pay to reserve your space on the court for a set amount of time.  There is also a small smattering of public courses, but finding them is a game of chance that an avid player won't want to play.


Even though resorts offer tennis courts for their guests for free during the day, they will often charge to light the courts at night, so if you don't want to pay up, your best option is to get in a game during daylight hours.  If you want to beat the daily heat, try to schedule your court time before 10 a.m. 

Some of the larger resorts and private tennis courts have on-site pro shops, with instructors available to help you perfect your serve and your swing. 

There are over 40 tennis courts on Grand Bahamas Island, and a combined total of more than 80 between New Providence and Paradise Island.  There are also courts on the Abacos Islands, the Berry Islands, Eleuthera, and the Exumas Islands.  The chart bellow lists some of the courts throughout the country. 

Tennis Courts in the Bahamas
NameNumber of CourtsCostLocationContact
Ace Tennis Center 4 $25-100(USD)/hour Grand Bahama 242-373-1333
Antonas & Associates Ltd N/A N/A Paradise Island 242-362-6999
Atlantis Hotel 12 Free to guests Paradise Island 242-363-3000
Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association N/A N/A Paradise Island 242-323-3933
Best Western British Colonial Beach Resort 3 Free to guests, $3(USD) for non-guests, $30(USD)/hour lesson New Providence 242-322-3301
Bimini Big Game Fishing Club 1 Free to guests Bimini 242-347-2391
Bluff House 1 Free to guests Abacos 242-367-2572
Breezes Bahamas 10 Free to guests, $3.50(USD) for non-guests, $10(USD) for night play New Providence 242-327-6153
Brajaxba Tennis Services 1 N/A Paradise Island
Clarion Atlantik Beach 4 $1(USD)/day, $2.50(USD)/night, $100(USD)/year Grand Bahama 242-373-1444
Club Cay 2 Free to guests Berry Islands 242-322-5599
Club Mediteranee 8 Free to guests Eleuthera 800-258-2633
Coral Sands Hotel N/A Free to guests, $10 night play Harbour Island 242-333-2350
Cutless Bay Club 1 Free to guests Cat Island N/A
Dunmore Beach Club 1 Free to guests Harbour Island 242-333-2200
Great Abaco Beach Hotel 2 Free to guests Abacos 242-367-2158
Gully Bowe Tennis Center N/A N/A Grand Bahama 242-374-3206
Lucayan Beach Resort and Casino 4 Free to guests Grand Bahama 242-373-7777 800-772-1227
Lyford Cay Club 3 $6(USD)/hour Paradise Island 242-362-4271
Nassau Marriott Resort & The Crystal Palace Casino 10 Free to guests, $10(USD) for night play New Providence 242-327-6000
Nassau Squash & Raquets Club N/A N/A New Providence 242-322-3882
Ocean Club 9 Free to guests and members Paradise Island 242-363-2501
Out Island Inn 2 Free to guests, $10(USD) for non-guests Exuma 242-336-2171
Paradise Island Harbour Resort All-Inclusive N/A N/A Paradise Island 242-363-2561
Pirates Cove Holiday Inn 4 Free to guests, $34(USD)/hour for lessons Paradise Island 242-363-2101
Princess Country Club 6 $5(USD)/hour, $10(USD) for night play, $10(USD)/half hour lesson Grand Bahama 242-352-6721
Princess Tower 6 $5(USD)/hour, $10(USD) for night play
Grand Bahama 242-352-9661
Radisson Grand Hotel 4 Free to guests, $4(USD) for non-guests Paradise Island N/A
Romora Bay Club 1 Free to guests Harbour Island 242-333-2325
Silver Sands Hotel 2 Free to guests Grand Bahama 242-373-5700
South Ocean Club and Beach Resort 2 Free during the day, $10(USD) for night play New Providence 242-362-4391
Stella Maris Inn 1 Free to guests Long Island 242-336-2106
Turtle Cay Beach Hotel & Villas 6 Free to guests Abacos 242-367-2370
Valentine's Yacht Club 1 Free to guests Harbour Island 242-333-2142
Walkers Cay Hotel 6 Free to guests Abacos 305-359-1400
Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina 3 $5(USD)/hour, $10(USD) for night play Grand Bahama 242-352-6782

The tennis courts in the Bahamas are a great place to play and practice regardless of your skill level.  Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time, or a little instruction from a tennis pro, you can find it on a Bahamas tennis court.


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