How Then Shall We Tip in the Bahamas?

Tipping in the Bahamas should be closely tied with the quality of the service

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Many restaurants and hotels may not handle gratuities the way that foreign visitors may expect. Being informed about the local customs is the best way to ensure that you will not err.

As a common rule, most restaurants in the Bahamas automatically add a 15 percent service charge to the final check. Double-check your bill to avoid tipping twice. It is customary to leave an additional tip if service was exemplary. In the rare event that the tip is not already included in your bill, leave at least 15 percent of the total meal cost. If the restaurant is a fine dining establishment, tip expectations increase to 20 percent. Tipping standards for other service providers on the islands are as follows:



Taxis in the Bahamas operate under a fixed government rate. These rates should be available to you before you agree to transportation services. Most taxi drivers are more than willing to take you and your companions on an impromptu tour of one of the islands. Rates for renting this service are typically $25(USD)-$35(USD) per hour. Drivers expect a 15 percent gratuity for all services provided.

Hotels & Airports

The tip expectations at hotel establishments are similar to restaurants. As the quality of the hotel increases, so should the generosity of the tip. Generally speaking, bellhops should get $1(USD) per bag, and maids should get $2(USD) per day. If a staff member performs additional duties for you, such as getting a piece of clothing dry cleaned, leave an additional dollar or two.  In the airport, tip porters the same as you would bellhops.

Your tips may appear to be small to you, but they in many cases, they are someone's livlihood.  Make sure to always show your appreciation for good service with a little pocket money for the person taking care of you. 


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