Barahona Accomodation Options

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Barahona is considered a secret paradise, surrounded by three major national parks and set along the southwest coast of Bahia de Neiba.  The typical tourist that makes plans to visit this destination is one who appreciates spending days on end exploring natural attractions – luxury is rarely a major concern.  Instead, some place clean and comfortable is a top priority and that is exactly what you'll find in the hotels here. 


Hotel Loro Tuerto

Travelers will enjoy having a decent variety of different hotel booking options to consider in the area. Read additional details regarding each one by using the links.

Visitors looking to stay in Barahona will enjoy choices like Hotel Costa Larimar. Hotel Costa Larimar has the single-minded purpose of ensuring each and every guest is 100% satisfied with their stay and experience. Regardless of the request, the staff will try to fulfill it. You'll find them on Avenue Enrriquillo 6.

Hotel Casablanca is a popular option in Barahona. The guest houses provide clean, furnished rooms featuring a private bathroom and shower, mosquito nets, and ventilators. You can reach them at (829) 740-1230.

Hotel Loro Tuerto: Translated from Spanish, "Loro Tuerto" means "one-eyed parrot." This may be a unique name for a hotel to choose, but it plays on their mascot, a pirate parrot with an eye patch, and catches the attention of potential guests. The property, though it may have smaller rooms at a higher price, is known to be cleaner and more luxurious than most, plus it features the traditional Antillan look and was built using traditional materials including wood and palm. They are situated at 33 Calle Luis E. Delmonte.

Of course, there are other options too. Navigate to this article about more available hotels if you're seeking better information.

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Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Barahona

Nature enthusiasts and their families will want to consider the one eco-tourism property near Barahona. Besides the standard hotels, there is an eco-lodge.

If you are wanting to find an accommodation with good swimming facilities and pool-side amenities, one location to consider is Casa Bonita. This unique property brings a passion for creating an eco-friendly vacation space together with luxury -- but sustainable -- amenities together for tourists who care about their carbon footprint. It is also a great place for those who love to be surrounded by nature, because it is indeed surrounded by gorgeous green space. You'll be able to find them at 17 Carretera de la Costa.

Eco-Accommodations Near Barahona
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Casa Bonita Lodge (809) 540-5908


8.3 mi. South of Central Barahona the Dominican Republic

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