Beaches in Barahona

Photo Credit: © Jordina Collell Cortacans CC BY

Because Barahona lacks the protection of a coral reef system off the coast, the waters can be rough.  This means that families should be especially careful when visiting this town's beaches with young and inexperienced swimmers.  The soft sands and picturesque views are well worth a trip even if you can't stop for a swim. 

Which Beaches Are Available?

You will discover a handful of beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. For more information concerning one particular beach simply click on the names of the ones you're interested in.

Bahoruco Beach: You can drive to Bahoruco Beach on Carretera Barahona-Paraiso, which runs parallel to this shore. An eastbound exit road takes you directly to the beach.

Another alternative that beach-goers can consider is Playa Quemaito. While there are plenty of amenities nearby, once you cross over to the beach, you will feel as if the road was miles away. The delicate sea breeze and shimmering water make the beach nothing short of paradise.

Review the chart below to find out more about beaches available in and around the area.

Beaches In and Around Barahona
Name Location Coast
Bahoruco Beach 2.8 mi. Southeast of Central Barahona East
El Jobo Beach 16.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central Barahona South
Playa Azul 4.8 mi. Southeast of Central Barahona South
Playa Quemaito 6.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Barahona South
Punta Arena 16.4 mi. South of Central Barahona South
San Rafael Beach 12.7 mi. South of Central Barahona South

Bear in mind that Barahona includes other attraction types. To reach our guide to other attractions, follow this link.


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