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A remote destination with a wild side, Barahona is best known for its eco-tourism and lodgings that promote natural exploration, including what might seem like your typical hotel upon first glance.  These properties are not dripping with luxury, instead they are simple establishment that offer their guests the basics, and for most people who stay here that is quite all right. 

Hotels In Barahona

Hotel Loro Tuerto

Visitors will enjoy having lots of different hotel options to choose from in the area. Click on the links to read additional info.

For those who enjoy taking part in various outdoor pursuits, Hotel Loro Tuerto is one location that provides lots of recreational options. Translated from Spanish, "Loro Tuerto" means "one-eyed parrot." This may be a unique name for a hotel to choose, but it plays on their mascot, a pirate parrot with an eye patch, and catches the attention of potential guests. The property, though it may have smaller rooms at a higher price, is known to be cleaner and more luxurious than most, plus it features the traditional Antillan look and was built using traditional materials including wood and palm. They're at 33 Calle Luis E. Delmonte.

One property located on the water's edge that merits consideration is Hotel Guarocuya. In its heyday, Hotel Guarocuya was the top choice for luxury accommodations in Barahona. Today, the property remains a relic that seems to have fallen into disrepair. You'll find them at 7 Avenida Enriquillo.

Another good option available is Hotel Ana Isabel. Set on a busy corner, Hotel Ana Isabel is a great choice for those who like to be right in the middle of the action. The larger-than-normal guest rooms without the added cost are definitely one of the features that draws guests to this location. You can reach them at (809) 524-4117.

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Hotels In Barahona
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Hotel Ana Isabel Motel (809) 524-4117


Central Barahona
Hotel Cacique Motel (809) 524-4620


Central Barahona
Hotel Casablanca Hotel (829) 740-1230


5.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Barahona
Hotel Costa Larimar Hotel (809) 524-5111


Central Barahona
Hotel Guarocuya Hotel (809) 524-4121


Central Barahona
Hotel Las Magnolias Motel (809) 524-2244


Central Barahona
Hotel Loro Tuerto Hotel (809) 524-6600


Central Barahona
Hotel Playazul Hotel (809) 424-5375


4.8 mi. Southeast of Central Barahona

Keep in mind that Barahona includes additional property types. To see our guide to other kinds of accommodations available for Barahona, read this article.


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