Sailing and Boating Near Barahona

Barahona is a commercial port, but pleasure sailors are welcome

Barahona is an official port of entry in the Dominican Republic, and although it serves mainly as a commercial port, sailors who are planning on chartering a yacht to sail them to their vacation in this quiet town can certainly clear in, dock, and provision here.


The harbor is well-marked with buoys at the entrance channel, with the safest approach being from the east-northeast.  Customs and immigrations officials are usually pretty speedy and efficient.  When you sail in they will want to see the crew list and passports for all aboard, plus a list of the ship's stores.  There will also be several different fees to pay.

From there, you'll find anchorage in the northeast corner of a commercial channel or you can tie up to the commercial pier at the southwest corner of town, though there is a charge to dock there.

Seriously considering visiting Barahona using your own boat, or one you charter elsewhere? Take a look at the chart that follows to get information on nearby marinas.

Name Phone Location Island
Barahona Government Dock -- Barahona the Dominican Republic

Though Barahona may not be the most ideal destination for pleasure sailors, the process for clearing here is simple and you should have no trouble docking here if that is your wish.


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