Barahona Transportation Options

There are plenty of ways to get around in Barahona

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Located along the the Dominican Republic's southwest coast, Barahona is known for its scenery which ranges from lush, mountainous forest to flat, dry desert that is unparalleled. Yet, this small town remains untouched by the frenzy of tourism that accompanies such towns like Punta Cana. Instead, only a small amount of people from around the world visit each year, having heard about the beauty of the area.

Getting There

Flying remains the most convenient and the most popular way to get to Barahona, but with the growing popularity of yachting and cruising, it is certainly not the only way to get there.

Getting Around

Barahona is considered to be a very walkable city, and many tourists choose to spend their days exploring on foot. When that isn't enough, renting a car, hiring a taxi, or taking the bus are popular options, as are motoconchos and publicos, a type of transportation that many tourists will experience for the first time when they visit the the Dominican Republic.

Air Travel

Although Barahona is home to its very own international airport, it is rare that anyone fly direct to the Maria Montez International Airport. Rather, it is domestic flights from larger airports on the island such as Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo and privately chartered flights from around the world that keeps this airport busy. You can learn exactly what it takes to get to Barahona by plane by clicking here.


Because Barahona is located along the Dominican Republic's south coast, sailors will enjoy smooth, calm waters.  It is mainly a commercial port, but a port nonetheless, so pleasure sailors can clear here as well.  Get the details on what is involved in this process by reading our guide to Barahona Sailing.


One of the great things about Barahona is it is an official cruise port. This means you can very easily plan to spend a day exploring the town as part of a cruise of the Caribbean. Cruises to the Dominican Republic are popular with many well-known cruise lines, and there are decidedly more trips available during the winter.

Rental Cars

Driving in the Dominican Republic can take some getting used to. In some areas, mostly big cities, you'll find the roads to be well-maintained but almost always congested; while in the more rural areas you'll find roads to be cracked and rugged if they exist at all. Depending on what your plans are, you'll need to choose a vehicle that can handle the roads where you're going. Take this into consideration as you begin to book your rental car, and if you have questions make sure to call and ask. Click here for a full list of rental car agencies in Barahona.


Taxis are a great option for tourists who cannot or do not want to rent a car but still prefer to travel in a private vehicle. Although you can hail a cab on the street, due to safety concerns, it is recommended that you call a local operator and have them pick you up at a location that you request. The price will vary depending on which operator you use, so always be sure to settle on the rate before you begin driving, and make sure to have local currency on hand for payment. Find out more about taxis in Barahona, including which companies to call when you need a ride, when you click here.


If you need a quick ride and like a little thrill, give the local motoconcho service a go. This is a motorcycle taxi which operates for just about $1(USD) per person (double after dark). You don't have to look for these drivers on the street, they'll usually come find you if you look as though you're lost or in need of a ride, and up to four people can ride if you're all able to squeeze on.


In Barahona, buses are called guaguas by locals. These buses are typically overcrowded, lack air conditioning, but have loud music playing to keep spirits high. The buses travel on set routes, and though they do try to keep to a schedule they are not always successful, but you pay less than $1(USD) for a ride typically, so most agree that the cheap fare is worth a little extra waiting.

There are also a certain set of buses that travel from Barahona to other cities in the Dominican Republic. These buses are more luxurious, with comfortable seats and air conditioning so frigid that it is recommended you bring a sweater to ride. Depending on where you are headed, you could spend around $10(USD) for a ride on one of these buses, which are operated by Metro Buses, Caribe Tours, Terra Bus, and Bavaro Express.

Carro Publico

Another unique form of transportation is the carro publico. Essentially, they are public taxis, which you'll find comparable to buses. Publicos are five passenger vehicles that operate on a set route, driving up and down a certain set of roads picking up passengers and dropping them off wherever there is need. These vehicles are not private, so you may end up sharing a ride with a group of strangers, but it does cost well under $1(USD) per person, so it may be worth your while.

With several transportation options that tourists may have never even heard of available in the Dominican Republic, it is important that they take the time to review what choices they may use to get around when they visit Barahona.


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