Accommodations in Barbados

There are many different styles of accommodations available in Barbados

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A destination known for its luxury accommodations, there is much more diversity in the availability of style and price on Barbados than you might expect.  Especially along the west coast and clustered just east of Bridgetown, visitors will find the highest number of lodgings ranging from sprawling all-inclusive resorts to private rental villas, and even a small number of eco-friendly properties.  No matter what type of lodging you prefer, you're bound to find something that suits you on the beautiful island of Barbados.

Prices for accommodations run the gamut, from affordable to “the sky's the limit,” which buys you amenities galore. Budget-conscious travelers may want to ask if the government hotel tax of 7.5 percent is included in the quoted room rate before deciding on a final lodging choice. The lowest rates vacationers are likely to find on comfortable accommodations in Barbados are approximately $30 per night.


Accra Beach Hotel & Spa

Barbados offers accommodation options that will be appealing to just about any type of traveler. Find glitzy resorts, budget hotels, and lots more in between. Those looking to enjoy an active nightlife scene will encounter just that at plenty hotels around Barbados. Read additional details for each place by clicking the links.

One of the best locations in Barbados for on-site dining is The Crane Residential Resort. The Crane Resort's Barbadian history goes back to the mid 1700s. As the oldest resort in the Caribbean, The Crane sets the standards for simple yet elegant accommodations. If you are looking to call ahead, do so at (246) 423-6220.

One property positioned on the water's edge worth considering is Sandy Lane. The guestrooms are set in an ancient mahogany grove with a beautiful beach view. Each room offers private verandas with either ocean or garden views, marble bathrooms, complimentary high-speed Internet access, an espresso machine, a personalized private bar, and 24-hour room service. Customers can contact them at (246) 444-2000.

Visitors in search of convenient on-site dining options might want to check out Accra Beach Hotel & Spa. The Caribbean style and friendly atmosphere of the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa combines to create the perfect spot for your island vacation. Located just 10 minutes from Bridgetown on the island's south coast, this hotel has a large number of accommodations for guests to reside in from standard guest rooms to ocean view luxury suites and penthouses. Visitors can find them on Highway Seven.

Barbados has some other choices too. Go to this page which is all about more available hotels if you're interested in learning additional information.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Halcyon Palm Apartments

There are non-hotel accommodations on the island, including tons of condominiums and several villa complexes. Beach-goers can generally expect to find easy access to the beach, as many lodgings are right on the shore.

Avid tennis players often like the idea of staying at Royal Westmoreland, as they have some excellent tennis facilities. Just a short drive from the coast, Royal Westmoreland is a sanctuary for its guests. Whether you spend your days pampering yourself in the spa, or unwinding with a game of golf, the upscale resort offers a little something for everyone. You'll find them on Coastal Road.

For vacationers seeking to book an accommodation with an active bar scene, Halcyon Palm Apartments is one location you might want to think about. Despite its location in the busy Sunset Crest resort area, this vacation apartment complex is tucked away into a quiet corner, where guests can enjoy the seclusion and serenity they crave when they head out on their Barbados vacation. These apartments are both affordable and cozy, making it a great black for a family to plan to stay during their trip to the island. Guests will be able to find them on Palm Avenue C.

Rockley Plum Tree Club: Plum Tree Club features one- and two-bedroom apartments, each with its own patio offering outstanding views of the golf course, swimming pool or lush gardens. The hotel is actually located on the west end of the golf course. Guests can reach them at (246) 435-7606.

These examples are just a few of your choices. Click on this link to view our page about these types of accommodations on the island.

Individual Villas

Some people would rather have the privacy offered by one of the many individual villa rentals. Those wanting to get more information about the private rental properties on Barbados on this page.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Almond Beach Village

Some people like the advantages of paying for everything on a single bill. There are several explanations why this pricing method is popular. Among other factors, they make it easy to go full blast without having to think about your budget.

Tennis enthusiasts and their families often like the idea of staying at Almond Beach Village, as they offer some good tennis facilities. Accommodations at the Almond Village are available in a variety of rooms and suites. All options come with a view of either the pool area, gardens, or stunning shoreline. If you want to call before booking a room, do so at (246) 422-4900.

A destination positioned on the waterfront worth considering is Turtle Beach Resort. Guest rooms are available in a variety of floor plans at Turtle Beach Resort, all of which are suites with different view options and accommodations. Amenities vary by room choice and location. If you'd like to call ahead of time, you can do so at (246) 428-7131.

If you're interested, find out more about all-inclusive properties by going to this page.


Travelers to Barbados will find no shortage of accommodation options. However, they might be surprised to learn that nearly all of the accommodations on the island are found along the western and southern coasts.

Visitors looking to lodge in style will want to start their search along Barbados' west coast, where popular tourist towns like Holetown and Speightstown are located.  Here you'll find plenty of shopping opportunities and a good amount of restaurants.  A number of condos, villas, and rental apartments like Plumbago Villa and Hibiscus Apartments can be found in this area.  There are also plenty of luxury hotels, including Little Good Harbour and Mango Bay.

Those looking to stick to a limited budget will find plenty of low-priced, but still high quality accommodations along the southern coast, where the town of Bridgetown is located.  Like the west coast, there is a long list of rental properties in Bridgetown, for example, Walmer Lodge Apartments, Bajan Beach Apartments, and Sunshine Beach Apartments. 

Some travelers may not want to rule out searching on the east coast of Barbados, where a handful of long-established hotels dominate the business.  The Atlantis Hotel, for one, dates back to the 19th century. 

For further help choosing a location to stay in Barbados, visit our Map of Barbados page, which includes a brief overview of each area on the island, as well as an image of the island.

Buyer, beware.  If you plan to purchase a vacation package through an on-line vendor, make sure you double check the location of the hotel you're booking.  Some on-line travel sites will list a property as being in a large city, when in fact it is miles away.

Personal Considerations

There are a number of things to consider with regards to lodgings, when planning your trip to Barbados.  Just because a hotel sounds like it is in your price range, and has pretty pictures on their website, that doesn't mean it can accommodate your special needs.

Party Size

If you are traveling with a larger group, your best bet will probably be to rent out a villa, apartment, condo, or find a hotel that specializes in suites.  This way, not only will you save on the cost of rooms, but you'll likely save on the cost of foodwhen you select a place with a kitchen (or at the very least a kitchenette).  On the flip side, a couple will want to select an intimate boutique hotel like Villa Marie Guesthouse, or a couples only locale like The House in St. James.  Groups of adults who are looking to get rowdy may choose an adults-only resort like Almond Beach Club & Spa.  Finally, there are a number of family-friendly properties in Barbados, with kids clubs, playgrounds, and game rooms.  Check out Coral Reef Club and Turtle Beach Resort, among others.


Sometimes choosing a hotel will have everything to do with the types of activities you'd like to participate in.  Some of the best hotels for guests who want to spend time playing tennis include Crystal Cove Hotel and Sandy Land; spa bunnies will choose a place like Royal Westmoreland; and vacationers looking for the best nightlife should look into Almond Village and Island Inn Hotel.

Length of Stay

The longer you stay in Barbados, the more likely it is that you will want to find a rental property rather than a hotel.  This will save you money on the room, save you money on food because you'll be able to cook your own meals in the kitchen, and save your sanity because it will feel more like home.  Vacationers staying on the island for a week or less, however, will find hotels to be the perfect choice.


While it is easy to lump quality and price in to one category, the truth is that you can often find a wide array of lodgings in each price range.  The price often has to do with a number of things: location, room size, and popularity to name a few.  Meanwhile the star rating measures the amenities, quality of service, décor, and more.  Our star ratings have been developed completely independently of the price.

One and Two Stars

While not known for offering the most luxurious amenities, 0 to 1 Star rated properties do serve a purpose.  They are there for people who are working with a tight budget, or prefer to spend their money elsewhere.  Likewise, travelers who will be spending more time outside of their rooms than in them might feel that splurging on a luxurious suite may not be the wisest idea.  Some of the 0 to 1 Star properties in Barbados include Villa Marie Guesthouse and Peach and Quiet, and will cost between $30 and $155(USD).

Next up on the ladder are the 2 Star accommodations.  While these rooms will still not feature the luxury amenities that the higher-end properties might offer, they will have finer linens and décor than the properties that are one rung down.  In Barbados, you'll find the 2 Star facilities to be in the $90 to $410(USD) price range, such as Worthing Point Apartment Hotel.

Three Stars

Three Star properties in Barbados will probably offer guests the most value.  While not quite high-end, these lodgings will often still have some luxury amenities, and more extras than some of the lower rated property.  Expect to experience better service and enjoy better food here as well.  Plan to spend between $60 and $2,800 (USD) one such a place.  Properties in Barbados with 3 Stars include Golden Sands, Point View Apartments, and Bougainvillea.

Four Stars

Not quite top of the line, 4 Star accommodations are still pretty great.  Specious, with luxury amenities, comfortable linens, and a lot of bonus features, 4 Star rooms will certainly leave you feeling pampered.  Check out Turtle Beach Resort and Treasure Beach Hotel, which are two of the island's 4 Star properties.  You can budget between $138 and $4,000 (USD) for such as place.

Five Stars

If the best of the best is what you're after, check out some of Barbados 5 Star resorts.  These include Settler's Beach Hotel and Hilton Hotel Barbados.  Not only can you expect well-appointed décor, beyond comfortable linens, and excellent service, but the 5 Star properties have many extras like private pools and even butler services.  With these choices, money is not an issue, but you'll likely spend between $150 and $5,000(USD). 

The accommodations you choose can make or break your trip.  Make sure you take the time to properly research every property, choose a place that will make you feel at home, and book well in advance.  If you follow this advice, you are sure to have a more than enjoyable time during your island getaway.


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