Best Accommodations for Dining in Barbados

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Eating in a beautiful setting can be one of the best parts of any trip to this region. You will discover many intriguing dining possibilities in Barbados, and plenty of new flavors to test. You'll find restaurants that prepare meals from all cultures, but with local ingredients and flair.

The hotels named below are among the best places to stay when you and your travel companions require a diverse set of food options. Many of them are known for their wonderful on-site restaurants, while some are located in areas where restaurants near the property are popular and abundant.

Best Hotels in Barbados for Dining

Of course, you'll probably eat a lot of meals at your hotel, even if you plan to explore the local restaurants. So if you're trying to decide where to stay in Barbados, it makes sense to evaluate the dining options at each hotel. Not only is it convenient to eat at your hotel, but many are known for their award-winning food and service, making "staying in" a tempting option.

The following properties were chosen with many considerations in mind, like their convenience, their diversity, and how many full service restaurants one can try on-site.

Properties in Barbados for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa 1.7 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap check check
Blue Horizon 1.5 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap check check
Blue Orchids Beach Hotel 1.3 mi. West of St. Lawrence Gap check
Abbeville Hotel 1.6 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap check
Allamanda Beach Hotel 1.9 mi. West of St. Lawrence Gap
South Beach Resort & Vacation Club 1.6 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap check check
PomMarine St. Matthias
Coral Mist Beach Hotel 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap check

One of the top rated properties, definitely worth checking out for their delectable menus is Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, which means guests who book their stays at the hotel should plan to take full advantage of the meals served there. Accra Beach Hotel & Spa provides its guest with the option of getting room service delivered to their room, or they can head down to the Coco Patch restaurant and enjoy a view of the moonlit ocean. A special treat is W'tukai, which is famous for being the only Polynesian restaurant on the island. The hotel's pool is complete with a swim-up cocktail bar to keep guests hydrated while they soak up the sun, and the Fig Tree snack bar provides light meals to keep guests fueled throughout their days.

For important details about any of the hotels above, just click its name to view detailed articles about the property — because even if food is your deciding factor, there are many other amenities to consider.

Best Hotels in Barbados for Nearby Restaurants

You might also want to consider the proximity of your hotel to local restaurants. Even if you love the food at your hotel, no trip would be complete without searching for a good nearby restaurant, particularly if you're vacationing for more than a few days.

Below are properties ranked by their proximity to lots of neighborhood restaurants.

Best Properties in Barbados for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Southern Surf Beach Apartments 1.5 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
Soco Hotel St. Matthias
Pirate's Inn 2.5 mi. Southeast of Bridgetown
Palm Garden Hotel 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel 1.2 mi. West-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
Coral Sands Beach Resort 1.0 mi. West of St. Lawrence Gap
Southern Palms Beach Club Dover

No matter where you stay, remember that some of Barbados' finest restaurants are in hotels, so you may find the cuisine you are craving at a hotel you overlooked. By clicking the name of any hotel on this page, you will find pages filled with photos and descriptions, as well as even more about the restaurants on-site and nearby.


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