Booking your Trip to Barbados

The best ways to book your Barbados vacation

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You've read up on Barbados, chosen an arrival method and accommodations and now all that you have left to do is book your vacation.

Increasingly, the best rates are found on the Internet, which also represents a very convenient way for travelers to make all their arrangements. Some people are wary of making purchases online, but if your research and planning have been done with the aid of Web sites such as this one, buying your flight or hotel room online is the next logical step. Remember that financial security on major Web sites (such as those for airlines and hotels) is very important to the companies and credit cards are a safe way to take care of your reservations from home.

Customers who take advantage of these deals may find that individual vendors are not aware of the prices offered on the Internet. This is because large corporations will frequently quote special rates only available online. Do not fear, though, your bargain is still valid. This is why having a reasonable expectation of the price range can really pay off - once you've done all your research, you'll be able to recognize a good deal when you see one.


Other vacationers may be more familiar with booking a trip through a travel agent. While this is certainly the easiest way to do things, it may not necessarily be the best. For one thing, the research you've done in order to help you make your decisions has probably made you more knowledgeable about Barbados than a travel agent who caters to business or worldwide travelers. Why pay someone else to learn the details you've already become acquainted with?  If you have a travel agent that you know and trust, or you've found one that's a Caribbean specialist then you may be able to benefit from their experience. Otherwise, trust your own instincts and common sense when making arrangements and save yourself the money you would have paid a travel agent for souvenirs once you're in Barbados.

Internet travel sellers represent a third option which manages to combine the prices and convenience of online shopping with the security and protection afforded by a third party vendor. It is not difficult to find a Web site offering to help you purchase your trip, but selecting a seller involves a good deal of discretion. As with a travel agent, large companies that sell vacations all over the world will probably be less knowledgeable about Barbados than a company that is Caribbean-specific. Web sites that focus solely on the Caribbean, on the other hand, will be equipped with more relevant, detailed information. Often you will find that companies that specialize in one region are able to provide better property descriptions and more useful information. This extra attention is sure to come in handy, whether you're deciding between two all-inclusive resorts or determining which restaurant in Barbados is best for a romantic dinner for two.

The low rates that Internet travel vendors are able to give customers are a result of their purchasing power with hotels, airlines, and cruise lines. These businesses give discounts to the travel seller who, after adding in a small charge to cover expenses, then passes the savings on to the customer. Because this is the standard procedure, most online vendors will have similar prices. If you see one Web site that offers dramatically lower prices, do some investigating. Usually it is the result of a company failing to advertise all of the applicable taxes and fees.

In addition to the savings that can be found online, Internet travel sellers also have the ability to support your claim, should a dispute arise with an airline or resort. If your accommodations are not what you anticipated or if you receive bad customer service, third party vendors can put pressure on the company to help you get what you're entitled to. Many vendors refuse to do business with properties that do not treat their guests well.

Booking your vacation is the final step between planning your Barbados vacation and enjoying it. Find a purchasing option that makes you feel comfortable and then relax. Once you make these travel arrangements, there's nothing left for you to do but pack your swimsuit and enjoy yourself.


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