Clothing and Attire in Barbados

The British formality in clothing and attire can still be found in Barbados

Clothing in Barbados

Whether you select functional travel attire for touring or elegant apparel for evenings on the town, be sure to pack clothing of lightweight fabric and natural fibers such as silks, light cottons, and linens for your trip to Barbados. Easy-wearing lightweight fabrics serve the dual purpose of being breathable for the cool sea breezes and providing comfort for lounging.

Barbados is drier than many of the islands in the Caribbean, and in the dry season, rain isn't much of a concern, but it's always best to be prepared. Rain showers in the Caribbean usually come up suddenly, come down hard, and then are over fairly quickly, so you need to be prepared with a waterproof jacket or umbrella everywhere you go, especially in the wet season. Opt for attire that is easy to carry around that you can quickly slip on and then put away again when the sun reappears.


Many Caribbean communities still retain conventions from their days as European colonies, and this is reflected in clothing etiquette. In Barbados, retentions from the days of British colonialism are among the strongest in the Caribbean, and while this provides for a fascinating atmosphere and experience on your vacation, it is something you should remember when dressing to go out.

Beachwear is considered inappropriate anywhere except the beach. In shops and on town streets, you should be fully dressed with a shirt and shorts, or casual clothing for dining. Vacationers should note that there are no nude beaches on Barbados - in fact, nudism is illegal.

If traveling for business, you'll be dressed appropriately in a tropical weight suit. Some upscale restaurants may require somewhat more formal attire; a dress for female patrons and coat and tie for men should suffice.

Learning about the social dress code and your personal requirements is the first step toward packing smart for your vacation in Barbados.


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