Outlets and Voltage in Barbados

Barbados' electrical service is reliable and easy-to-use

Photo credit: © Nikola Bilic | Dreamstime.com

Barbados Electricity

The electrical service in Barbados is reliable and power outages are few and far between.

The electrical service in Barbados is110 volts/50 cycles, similar to that found in the United States. Standard plugs found in Barbados are also similar to those in the United States with the exception of one. In addition to the usual 2 flat blades or 2 flat blades with a round grounding pin, there are also some plugs one single flat blade.

If traveling from North America, you should be able to bring any appliances (hairdryers, etc.) and use them without any problems. If traveling from Europe, however, you may need adapters and transformers. Most hotels provide these to their visitors, but not all, and there's always the chance that they could run out, especially in the high season, so be prepared with your own equipment.

Calling ahead to your hotel to be certain that you don't need an adapter is best, but typically, electrical outlets should not hinder your use of electronics in Barbados.


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