Fishing Near Barbados

Chartering a fishing boat can be a fun activity during your stay in Barbados

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As on many Caribbean islands, fishing is more than just a popular pastime in Barbados, it's also a way of life. From the fishermen who make their living bringing in the fresh catch of the day, to those who come each year to take part in tournaments, the waters surrounding the island are teeming with anglers.

Fish of Barbados

Though perhaps best-known for the abundance of flying fish in the sea surrounding the island, Barbados takes great pride in the deep sea fishing just off its shores, where the right person can catch marlin weighing more than 500 pounds. Anglers seeking a less hefty catch also have plenty of options in these warm waters, which are ideal for tuna, wahoo, dolphin fish (also called "dorado"), Atlantic blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish, Atlantic sailfish, and barracuda.


Barracuda is the easiest fish to catch, and the yellowfin tuna is the rarest. However, certain fish are found only during certain times of year. For example, sailfish and marlin, particularly white marlin, are rare, if not altogether impossible to catch from July through September. On the other hand, they are fairly easy to find from January through April. Barbados' official fishing season runs from December to April.

Less than a mile off the coast of Barbados, waters are as deep as 400 feet, meaning anglers can save travel time when they go out for a deep sea fishing trip. There is a greater chance of catching a large number of fish off the south coast where the waters are choppier. The west coast tends to have calmer waters, making it the ideal place to fish for beginners who haven't spent much time on the water.

In shore fishing trips are possible as well, and especially popular with those traveling with young children. Waters close to shore can go as deep as 70 feet, and trolling and bottom fishing can be done in these areas.

The easiest way to find out what you can fish when you're on the island of Barbados is to learn what the Barbados Game Fishing Association has to say. The association's Web site ( includes all the information you need to hook the fish you're looking for, as well as charter a boat or find a captain to help you find your catch of the day.

Fishing Charters

Many boats can be contracted out either individually, through the Barbados Game Fishing Association, or through charter companies.

Award-winning and record-setting charters have a proven track record when it comes to making the big catch. Barbados Fishing Trip's 38-foot Bertram Sports Fisherman "Challenge" holds the Barbados record for having caught the largest blue marlin - a 910 pounder! The boat has three fishing chairs, five trolled lines, and accommodations to comfortably transport six passengers. Drinks and snacks are included on all charters, and lunch is served during eight hour trips.

IOU Fishing Charters

If you are considering going deep sea fishing during your vacation, you will find 11 different charter operators that can take you to the best fishing spots.

If you want to get in contact with a fishing charter, you can check with IOU Fishing Charters. You won't be able to catch the big fish from the shore; if you want marlin, sailfish, or dolphin fish, you will need to go out into the ocean for some deep sea fishing. With IOU Fishing Charters, you can do just that. They are located in downtown Bridgetown.

A second option is Billfisher III. The Billfisher III is fully equipped to take on the Barbados water as you fight with one of the large fish the area is known for. Most famous for Wahoo, Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolfin), Billfish, and Tuna, you can also expect to find a variety of other seasonal fish. You can reach them at (786) 352-8817.

Still another option is Cannon Charters. Whether you've spent your whole life fishing or want to try something new, Cannon Charters is the fishing charter company for you. The captain is friendly, knowledgeable (with over 25 years of experience!), and helpful all at once, and if you find out that fishing isn't your thing, you can do some snorkeling or swimming instead. They're located within Bridgetown, in southern Barbados.

Be sure to look at the table below for a listing of the area's fishing charters.

Fishing Charters On Barbados
Name Phone Location
Billfisher III (786) 352-8817 Downtown Bridgetown
BlueFin Fishing Barbados (246) 253-1259 3.2 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Cannon Charters (246) 424-6107 Downtown Bridgetown
High Seas Barbados (246) 233-2598 Bridgetown
IOU Fishing Charters (246) 269-8905 Downtown Bridgetown
Legacy Fishing Charters (246) 230-1317 Downtown Bridgetown
Legacy Fishing Charters (246) 230-3017 Downtown Bridgetown
Predator Sportsfishing (246) 230-1845 Bridgetown
Reel Spirit (246) 431-5025 Bridgetown
Seascape Customized Charters (246) 236-5011 5.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Therapy Charters BB (246) 234-3433 Downtown Bridgetown

It's easy to find ways to take part in sport fishing in the seas surrounding Barbados. This popular pastime has more to offer than you might expect, from intense big game, deep sea trips to relaxing bottom fishing just off the shore.


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