How to Get the Info You Need for Your Trip to Barbados

Learn the best ways to get the right travel information quickly and easily

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Chances are you've already begun the first step to planning a successful vacation. Getting information about Barbados is a good way to learn what is available on the island and what to expect from your trip.

This Web site is a great place for general information about traveling to Barbados, but will be most helpful to visitors who also use the island's official site, Other Web sites can also provide the facts you're looking for.

When doing your research online you'll no doubt come across many Internet travel vendors. Although it's still too early to make any purchases, these Web sites can be very helpful by providing users with very specific information. Descriptions of some of the major hotels will come in handy when you're trying to find lodging options and city-specific searches can help you compare different regions.


A local business directory is yet another feature of many Internet travel vendors that will aid your planning. Taking advantage of these directories will allow you to arrange services such as yacht charters and event planning before leaving home. By using Web sites that are geared toward your own interests, such a budget travel or eco-tourism, you'll be able to narrow down your choices.

Visiting your local bookstore can help you find guidebooks and travel magazines. Spend a few minutes leafing through the various books until you start to get a feel for the personality of each. Picking a guidebook shouldn't be done too hastily; although the basic information presented in each will be very similar, the vacation styles detailed by different books can vary widely. Try to find one that you find enjoyable and that reflects your own travel interests.

Magazines will take a bit more work, but can also be a great resource. To ensure that the information is relevant, you will want to find issues that focus on both the Caribbean and Barbados. This can be a good way to browse, but would not be ideal if you are looking for answers to specific questions. Internet archives of the magazine give users access to a still greater range of articles and may have a search function to filter out content unrelated to your query.

Nothing beats real-world experience, however, so ask any friends or colleagues who have been to Barbados to fill you in on the details their own trips. Your cousin may be able to tell you where to find a secluded beach spot for watching the sunset, or your accountant could advise you on the best place to sample the local seafood. If your friends and coworkers can't offer much help, try posing your questions on the message boards and forums found on travel Web sites. As always, you should weigh the reliability of the information before you make any decisions based on another person's input.

The research you do for your vacation in Barbados will educate you about everything from regional differences to guided tours. Use the information you find to help you determine your travel priorities and then survey all of your options before you begin making decisions. This is your chance to create your dream vacation, don't sell yourself short by failing to plan.


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