American Cuisine in Barbados

Almost everywhere in Barbados, you'll happen upon a delicious array of local eateries, vendors, and fine food. Guests who already have plans to eat American food can't afford to miss the places offering this cuisine on the menu. There's dozens of options for food prepared in this style.

With choices such as the very casual backdrop at KFC Collymore Rock to the inviting dinner and lunch at KFC Diamond Tower, there's something special waiting for each guest and any desired budget.


Below, get a taste for this full list of American restaurants awaiting Barbados' guests. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to see more important info about its location, ambiance, and more.

Old Jamm Inn

St. Lawrence Gap | (246) 428-3919

Old Jamm Inn is found in the heart of St. Lawrence Gap. Got hamburgers on the brain? If so, you should think of this place as a permanent plan in your vacation agenda.

At Old Jamm Inn, they like to keep things simple but good. They work with the freshest meats and vegetables to create delicious burgers, seafood, and more. Meanwhile, their mixologists are some of the best and always creating new drinks to pair with old favorites for their guests to enjoy.

Lucky Horseshoe Saloon

Christ Church Parish | (246) 435-5825

Situated in Christ Church Parish, fairly close to Bridgetown, Lucky Horseshoe Saloon is on Highway 7. If you're curious, St. Lawrence Gap is to the east-southeast. Looking for American food, but steak in particular? Even if it's outside your norm, you might discover that dining here is the one thing on your list you do twice.

If you like hot and juicy steak, a little bit of gambling, and a lot of fun, then Lucky Saloon may just be the place for you. This Old American West themed restaurant features the steak and hearty vegetables that are perfect after a long day of exploring.

The Carriage House

Diamond Valley | (246) 423-6220

The Carriage House, a part of The Crane Residential Resort, is located in Diamond Valley, a town in St. Philip Parish; 8.6 miles to the east-northeast of St. Lawrence Gap. You certainly don't want to pass up Diamond Valley for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, sandwiches.

The Carriage House offers some quick to make entrees that include healthy wraps, grilled vegetables, salads, and grilled fish. In addition to the healthy options, there are also hamburgers and large crabs, both completed with french fries.

Steak House Grill

Dover | (246) 428-7152

Steak House Grill is located in Dover, just outside the heart of St. Lawrence Gap. Got steak on the brain? Even if you're just out for the atmosphere, you may as well make this place a done-deal, as far as your itinerary goes.

For a decadent choice, try the chopped steak alfredo. For lighter fare, they have chicken satay with a side of vegetables.


Prospect | (246) 424-7571

Kýma, which is on the premises of The Waves Hotel & Spa, can be found near Bridgetown; it's approximately three miles (approximately five kilometers) to the south of Holetown. When it comes to specialty American food, the kitchen at Kýma serves up an awful lot of coffee and desserts.

Kýma gives its customers a unique Mediterranean experience on the hot island of Barbados, serving up delicious hot and cold coffees, lattes and teas as well as fresh sandwiches and salads made with local ingredients. It is the perfect place to grab a bite before heading off to your next adventure.

American Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Blakey's Bar & Restaurant Bridgetown American, Caribbean (246) 228-5284
Cutters of Barbados 0.3 mi. North of Central Diamond Valley American, International (246) 423-0611
KFC Black Rock 2.0 mi. North of Central Bridgetown American (246) 424-9268
KFC Collymore Rock 1.7 mi. East of Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 437-3791
KFC Colonnade Mall Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 228-2222
KFC Diamond Tower Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 228-5044
KFC Fairchild Street Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 436-9342
KFC Hadley House Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 436-1278
KFC Holetown Holetown, Western part of Barbados American (246) 432-7087
KFC Oistins 1.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Atlantic Shores American (246) 428-0469
KFC Sheraton Mall 3.8 mi. East of Central Bridgetown American (246) 437-5844
KFC Trident House Downtown Bridgetown American (246) 429-8520
KFC Warrens 3.3 mi. North of Central Bridgetown American (246) 425-0678
Kýma 3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bridgetown Afghan, American (246) 424-7571
Lucky Horseshoe Saloon 3.0 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown American (246) 435-5825
Old Jamm Inn 1.1 mi. South of Central Vauxhall American (246) 428-3919
Steak House Grill 1.0 mi. South of Central Vauxhall American (246) 428-7152
The Carriage House 0.2 mi. East of Central Diamond Valley American, International (246) 423-6220

Similar Food

Waterfront Cafe

Also worth considering if you really love American food, maybe you should explore related flavor profiles at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Brown Sugar (246) 426-7684 Creole 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Cafe Sol (246) 420-7655 Tex-Mex 3.6 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Waterfront Cafe (246) 427-0093 Creole Downtown Bridgetown

Plus, it's always possible to go for the signature offerings at these well-liked establishments:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Just Grillin' (246) 435-6469 Barbecue 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Camelot (246) 422-2586 Barbecue 0.6 mi. South of Central Speightstown
Sandpiper Restaurant (246) 422-2251 Barbecue 0.3 mi. North of Central Holetown
Seagrape Beach Bar (246) 427-1655 Comfort Food 1.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
La Salsa Restaurant & Bar (246) 422-5026 Barbecue 1.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central Speightstown
Copacabana Beach Bar and Grill (246) 426-0839 Barbecue 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Almond Tree Pool Bar (246) 428-9298 Barbecue 3.8 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Chefette Warrens (246) 417-8550 Barbecue 3.3 mi. North of Central Bridgetown
The Café (246) 432-2300 Comfort Food 1.9 mi. South of Central Holetown
TGI Friday's Bridgetown (246) 625-0000 Hamburgers 1.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown

Some of the most memorable dining options in Barbados are the ones that you happen upon while walking around during the day. However, you can't go wrong when you know the names of particular restaurants ahead of time. To discover more concerning the culinary options awaiting you, check out this page.


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