Italian Cuisine in Barbados

While exploring Barbados, you'll have the privilege of deciding between a plentiful supply of places to have a hot meal. Those who adore Italian cuisine particularly will want to visit the places that do it best. Luckily, you're likely to come across more than enough options that feature this cuisine.

With many options, from the informal destination known as Il Tempio Italian Restaurant to the tasty breakfast, dinner and lunch at Spago Settler's Beach, you may very well stumble upon something worth sharing - or not, as the case may be.


The list below allows you to read more about the large collection of restaurants specializing in Italian food in Barbados. For each restaurant, you can click its name to discover the details about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Daphne's Restaurant

Holders Hill | (246) 432-2731

Daphne's Restaurant is located in Holders Hill, a neighborhood in the vicinity of Holetown; 1.6 miles to the south of Holetown. Fresh seafood and Italian flair share the same plate at this enjoyable dining option.

Chef Marco Festini Cromer's approach to cooking is to use fresh ingredients always in order to make the most mouthwatering dishes. Theme nights add variety to the menu, and guests with a gluten intolerance will be happy to learn that a gluten free menu exists.

D'Onofrio's Trattoria

Diamond Valley | (246) 423-6220

D'Onofrio's Trattoria is a part of The Crane Residential Resort. It's 8.6 miles east-northeast of St. Lawrence Gap. Not only do they have festive fare including Italian food and of course family fare, but we shouldn't forget they're also masters of pizza.

The dining experience is alfresco but upscale, with polished silverware, crystal glasses and cloth napkins on a beautiful patio.

Il Tempio Italian Restaurant

The vicinity of Holetown | (246) 417-0057

Il Tempio Italian Restaurant can be found in the vicinity of Bridgetown; it is approximately two and a half miles (approximately four and a half kilometers) to the south of Holetown. Speaking of delicious, specialty Italian culinary creations, this potential favorite likes to suggest its pasta and pizza.

This restaurant specializes in homemade pasta, bread, and pizza, plus they offer a daily fresh catch, and fresh oysters. Happy Hour is every day from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and includes complimentary finger food. Their menu also includes cocktails, coffee, and cappuccino.

Castaways Bar and Grill

St. Lawrence Gap | (246) 420-7587

Castaways Bar and Grill is located in the western outskirts of St. Lawrence Gap. Travelers who want pizza will fully enjoy eating here during a trip to St. Lawrence Gap.

Castaways' menu is so large and varied that you won't even know where to begin. It has been designed to incorporate items for gluten free and vegetarian diners. There is a nice selection of small plates along with different salads, pizzas made from their stone oven, and pastas. They offer cassava crust pizza which allows gluten-free guests to enjoy the classic choice. Their divine main entrees include dishes such as Red Thai Curry and Grilled Beef Medallions. They also offer decadent desserts and an extensive drink menu for your enjoyment.

Spago Settler's Beach

Holetown | (246) 422-3245

Spago Settler's Beach, a part of Settlers Beach Villa Hotel, is found in outside the center of Holetown. With a following of food lovers, this destination isn't known simply for its Italian cooking and their signature staple of desserts, but wouldn't you know they're also fawned-over for another favorite, pasta.

Spago is known for their pizzas, but they also serve up authentic Italian dishes like fish, chicken, steak, and of course, pasta. Spago is also famous for their homemade ice cream.

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Castaways Bar and Grill 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown Caribbean, Italian (246) 420-7587
D'Onofrio's Trattoria 0.2 mi. East of Central Diamond Valley Italian (246) 423-6220
Daphne's Restaurant 1.6 mi. South of Central Holetown Italian (246) 432-2731
Il Tempio Italian Restaurant 3.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bridgetown Italian (246) 417-0057
Italia Coffee Belleville 1.0 mi. East of Downtown Bridgetown Italian (246) 427-1400
Italia Coffee Broad Street Bridgetown Italian (246) 430-6620
Italia Coffee Colonnade Downtown Bridgetown Italian (246) 430-6620
Italia Coffee Courts Bridgetown Italian (246) 431-6911
Italia Coffee James St. James Parish Italian (246) 432-6812
Italia Coffee Rockley 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown Italian (246) 435-8165
Italia Coffee Sheraton Mall 3.8 mi. East of Central Bridgetown Italian (246) 434-0444
Mama Mia 1.7 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown Italian (246) 434-3354
New York Pizza 2.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bridgetown Italian (246) 435-7677
Pizza Man Doc Sheraton Centre 3.8 mi. East of Central Bridgetown Italian (246) 420-7633
Spago Holetown 0.1 mi. Northeast of Central Holetown Italian (246) 422-3245
Spago Settler's Beach 0.3 mi. North of Central Holetown Italian (246) 422-3245

Similar Food


If you're willing to step just outside the box, you're likely to enjoy similar offerings at places like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Juma's Restaurant (246) 432-0232 French 0.2 mi. South West of Central Speightstown
Ciao Bella (246) 432-6633 Mediterranean 0.2 mi. Northeast of Central Holetown
Seascape (246) 424-7571 Mediterranean 3.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bridgetown
Lone Star Restaurant (246) 419-0599 Mediterranean 1.4 mi. North of Central Holetown
Tapas (246) 228-0704 Spanish 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Camelot (246) 422-2586 French 0.6 mi. South of Central Speightstown
The Fish Pot (246) 439-2604 Mediterranean 1.5 mi. North of Central Speightstown
The Mews (246) 432-1122 European 0.1 mi. Northeast of Central Holetown
Sultan Restaurant (246) 271-0363 Middle Eastern 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
The Tides Restaurant (246) 432-8356 European 0.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Holetown

And for even more fare from this family, try the featured dishes available at the following restaurants:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Chefette Black Rock (246) 417-8560 Pizza 2.0 mi. North of Downtown Bridgetown
Chefette St. George (246) 430-3430 Pizza St. George
Chefette Wildey (246) 467-3900 Pizza 2.4 mi. East of Central Bridgetown
Chefette Heroes Square (240) 430-3450 Pizza Downtown Bridgetown
Chefette Airport (246) 418-8770 Pizza 1.4 mi. South of Central St. Patricks
Apropos Restaurant (246) 437-8402 Pasta 3.8 mi. East of Central Bridgetown
Arabian Knights (246) 288-6221 Pasta 3.8 mi. East of Central Bridgetown
Bert's Bar (246) 435-7924 Pizza 2.9 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Chefette Fontabelle (246) 430-3385 Pizza St. Michael Parish
Chefette Six Roads (246) 416-8480 Pizza 1.8 mi. Northeast of Central St. Patricks

Visitors often find that the best places to try any cuisine in Barbados are those that you stumble upon during your exploration of different cities. However, you'll save yourself some stress if you have a concrete plan for some meals. To discover much more concerning the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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