Snorkeling Around Barbados

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The calm waters along the western coastline of Barbados are perfect for snorkeling, so you don't have to go far beneath the waves to explore the amazing ocean terrain that is home to unique ocean life such as flat coral reefs, sea fans, barrel sponges, an array of tropical fish species, and much more.

One of the best things about snorkeling around Barbados is that it is possible to do it without the help of a guide.  Most beaches have the clear, calm waters that snorkelers look for when choosing a spot, but amazingly, there are also numerous wreck sites around the island that are accessible from shore.  The island has even gone a step further and marked these locations with buoys to make them easier to find. 

Keeping this in mind, many visitors choose still to put their faith in a local tour guide.  These tour operators are plentiful and truly know the waters that surround their home, promising to take visitors to the top sites, all the while offering extras like private beach barbecues, and of course incorporating the cost of your equipment into their rates.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100(USD) per person for such a service.


But, what will you expect to see when you dip your head below the surface of the sea?  Sting rays, manta rays, eels, barracuda, sea turtles, and numerous other colorful reef fish make their homes in the local reef system, which is a site to see all on its own, with bright and strong coral, sponges, and sea grass creating a kingdom in the sea. 

Snorkeling Sites

If you're ready to see what's down below you might want to visit Brighton Beach. One of the prime snorkeling spots around the island, this beach is home to natural pools, coral reefs, and is also a nesting site for sea turtles. Depending on the time of the year, you should have no problem seeing a plethora of tropical fish, juvenile sea turtles, and sea urchins along the floor. This snorkeling site is located in Bridgetown, in the southwestern part of Barbados.

Paynes Bay Beach is another place you might enjoy. One of the many options at this popular spot is snorkeling thanks to its many tropical fish, as well as the fact that it is one of the best spots to sight a sea turtle.

A third site to consider is Holetown Beach. The calm waters just off Holetown Beach make for a great snorkeling destination. Those that head out will be able to explore an underwater ecosystem of coral, fish, and even sea turtles. Make sure to stop by if you have the chance.

A fourth place where you can go snorkeling is Folkstone Marine Park. This marine park is a great spot for anyone looking to explore the natural side of the Caribbean. The sandy reef is home to a variety of wildlife, including coral and tropical fish. If you're interested, this site is located within Holetown, in the western part of Barbados.

Batts Rock Beach is a fifth option to consider. With areas of calm and rough water, Batts Rock Beach is a good spot for a diverse skill level. However, while you will surely catch a glimpse of some native fish while snorkeling, the beach is more popular for other activities.

Some basic details about 13 of the best locations to experience snorkeling in this area are listed directly below.

Snorkeling Sites Near Barbados
Site Location
Brighton Beach 1.9 mi. Northwest of Downtown Bridgetown
Paynes Bay Beach 1.4 mi. South of Central Holetown
Boot 3.7 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown
Holetown Beach 1.3 mi. North of Central Holetown
Folkstone Marine Park 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central Holetown
Batts Rock Beach 2.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bridgetown
Heywoods Beach 0.7 mi. North of Central Speightstown
Carlisle Bay Downtown Bridgetown
Drill Hall Beach 1.5 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Pamir 1.0 mi. Northwest of Central Speightstown
Mullins Beach 1.1 mi. South of Central Speightstown
Asta Reef 1.8 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Accra Reef 2.8 mi. Southeast of Central Bridgetown

Snorkeling Boat Trips

For some people, the most enjoyable snorkeling is experienced away from the shore.

If you want to go snorkeling during a boating adventure, you might want to contact El Tigre Cruises. Spend a day out on the water exploring the coastal world of the Barbados. On board one of the boats owned by El Tigre, you can do just that while relaxing and letting a crew do all the work.

Another option to consider is Small Cats Catamaran Sailing Cruises. Small Cats offers several different cruises, though they specialize in small, personalized parties. The most common cruises they give are their lunch cruises that last either three or five hours and stop for snorkeling and swimming. They're found in downtown Bridgetown.

A third good option is Cool Runnings. Take sail and head to some of the most remote beaches around Barbados. Cool Runnings' Catamarans specialize in a gentle trip through the waters to tropical beaches, crystal water, and warm sand.

Some details regarding day sails and boat trips that provide snorkeling can be found in the following chart.

Day Sails and Boat Trips On Barbados
Name Phone Location
Barbados Sailing (246) 262-3792 Barbados
Black Pearl Party Cruise (246) 826-7245 Downtown Bridgetown
Boyceterous Catamaran Tours (246) 256-7979 Bridgetown
Cool Runnings (246) 436-0911 Downtown Bridgetown
El Tigre Cruises (246) 417-7245 Downtown Bridgetown
Elegance Catamaran Cruises (246) 830-4218 Bridgetown
Jammin' Catamaran Cruise (246) 422-1152 Downtown Bridgetown
Silver Moon (246) 435-5285 0.9 mi. Northwest of Downtown Bridgetown
Small Cats Catamaran Sailing Cruises (246) 421-6419 Downtown Bridgetown
Tiami Catamaran Cruises -- Bridgetown

Snorkeling Services

If you looking for a place that offers snorkeling excursions, rentals, or other services, you should check out Barbados Blue Snorkeling. More than just a dive shop, the team here is all medically trained and also well versed in local ecology. They care about the environment and want to show you the beauty of the underwater world without damaging it. They are found within downtown Bridgetown.

Another place that offers snorkeling related services is Underwater Barbados. All of your favorite watersports are made possible with the help of this tour guide. Snorkeling is just one of their favorites, as they guide visitors to the best sites near Bridgetown.

A third place to consider is Good Times Snorkeling Cruises. If you enjoy snorkeling, a great option is to charter the 42 foot Good Times Catamaran -- or join one of their regularly scheduled day cruises which feature snorkeling. They're located in Holetown, in the western part of Barbados.

Be sure to look through the following chart for details on 7 companies that offer snorkeling related services.

Snorkeling Services On Barbados
Name Type Phone Location
Barbados Blue Snorkeling Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (246) 434-5764 Downtown Bridgetown
Good Times Snorkeling Cruises Snorkeling Tour Operator (246) 422-1900 0.1 mi. North of Central Holetown
Hazell's Water World Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (246) 426-4043 0.7 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Roger's Watersports Centre Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (246) 436-3483 Downtown Bridgetown
Underwater Barbados Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (246) 426-0655 1.0 mi. Southeast of Downtown Bridgetown
Westwater Adventures Snorkeling Tour Operator (246) 421-6008 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central Holetown
Zed's Snorkeling Trips Snorkeling Tour Operator (246) 428-7873 1.0 mi. East of Central Atlantic Shores

For more information about snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for both "old pros" and beginners, check out our extensive Caribbean snorkeling page.

No matter where you're staying during your visit to Barbados, there will be an opportunity for you to get in some snorkeling.  Check with your hotel and inquire about free equipment (many properties offer this extra), find out where the best rental prices are, participate in a tour, or bring your equipment from home.  However you manage to pull it off, know that you will not be disappointed by this sport in Barbados. 


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