Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum

Travel back to a time before urbanization and experience life in Barbados as it was. At the Springvale Museum, you will find a house that is set up with characters going about their daily life as they would have; using outdated tools that are a large part of the history of Barbados.

What to Expect

As you walk through the house, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn of the old Barbados and gain a deeper respect for the history. In addition to the museum house, there is also trails that lead into the forest and back, allowing you to look at the natural Barbados along with the old one.

You will find the museum to be styled as an old home, with white walls and a red roof. The house sits on a plantation and surrounded by such lush forests that you are likely to forget you are in a major populated island.

Staying Close

You may enjoy staying on St. Thomas Parish if you plan on visiting Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum, as those visiting this area of Barbados will have convenient access to the museum during their visit. The area around the museum remains relatively quiet, perhaps because there are very few lodgings in the vicinity.



Operating Hours

Give the museum a call ahead to determine the exact hours of operation.


To find out how much the museum charges, dial up Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum ahead of time to find out how much they charge, or if they do at all.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (246) 438-7011

Location: Springvale Plantation, St. Thomas Parish, Barbados


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