Tipping and Gratuities in Barbados

Local customs for tipping and gratuities will come in handy in Barbados

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A few simple guidelines can simplify the tipping customs of Barbados.

Every country has its own traditions and rules about what is customary and polite when it comes to tips and gratuities. While tipping throughout the United States is compulsory, in other places it may be less common. In destinations known for tourism, gratuities are often included in the bill, or in the original price quoted to you. But this isn't always the case.


In Barbados, many restaurants will add a percentage of gratuity to the bill, especially for larger groups. You'll need to check for this to make sure you're not tipping twice. If the tip is not already included, 10 to 15 percent is customary, although more is certainly allowed at your discretion if you feel that your service was particularly good, or that more of a tip is warranted for other reasons.


For bartenders, the customary tip is $1(USD) per round of drinks unless the order was particularly large or time consuming, in which case more may be deserved.


Most hotels on Barbados add a service charge to the final bill, so do not be surprised to see the extra charge when you check out. It is generally 10 percent. Maids should be tipped $2(USD) per room per day, and bellhops $1(USD) per bag.

If staying in an all-inclusive resort, check with your resort's policies. Although many resorts encourage you to tip their staff, most all-inclusives strictly prohibit it.


Taxis are not metered in Barbados, but the government regulates fixed rates, which tend to hover around $20(USD) per hour. Visitors are advised to settle on a fare before taking a taxi and should also negotiate with the driver to determine whether the quoted price is in Barbadian or U. S. dollars. Taxi drivers customarily receive a 10 percent tip, and $1(USD) per bag is appreciated if they handle luggage for you.

Porters at airports also appreciate $1(USD) per bag tip for handling luggage. 

Taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with the standard of tipping on the island will help ensure that your vacation runs smoothly once you arrive in Barbados.


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