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Transportation options on Barbados are straight lines to convenience

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Experiencing everything that beautiful Barbados has to offer means traversing the small island. Fortunately for vacationers, a number of enjoyable transportation options can take visitors to all of the unique sights.

Getting There


Vacationers can arrive on Barbados in many ways. The most popular method is air travel. Those who don't visit by plane often choose to arrive by cruise ship. Some adventurous sailors even take to the seas themselves in a chartered ship or on their own vessel.

Air Travel

When flying to Barbados, passengers will arrive at the Grantley Adams International Airport on the south side of the island. About 20 flights arrive in Barbados on a daily basis. While this may seem like a relatively small number, many are huge commercial airlines carrying a large number of passengers, traveling directly from their country of origin, or via a connecting flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Regulations regarding what documentation you need to legally vacation on the island change constantly, so you should always be sure to check what you need right before you trip. However, it is wise to always bring your passport, photo identification, and some cash. Click here to read more about air travel to Barbados.

...explore the island and its waters...



Sailors are warned of rough waters and coral reefs, but personal travel is still an option, and boats are permitted to come into one of two major ports: Bridgetown Harbour and Port St. Charles. The months of January, February, and March are best for yachters because it is when the waters are at their calmest, though sailors should always proceed with caution. Once you are on the island, it is nearly impossible to charter a ship, so if you dream of exploring the island on a boat, you'll have to bring your own. When you arrive in Barbados, you'll be required to pay custom charges when you enter and exit the island, as well as a onetime anchoring fee. Read more about sailing and yachting to Barbados by clicking here.


Other vacationers will travel to the island aboard a cruise ship. They should note that these tours will generally only stay on Barbados for a short time, but passengers are encouraged to explore the shopping of the main port in Bridgetown, where all of the cruise ships dock for the duration of their trip. This port has plenty of information and shops for the curious visitor. It is also one of the Caribbean's busier cruise ports, always bustling with international travel. Almost half a million people arrive on the shores of Barbados via cruise ship each year! Click here for more information.

Rental Cars

Vacationers who don't mind paying more for the convenience of their own rental car will find plenty of local agencies. Visitors will be pleased to note that gas stations and parking are a bit easier to locate on Barbados than on some of the more crowded Caribbean islands. Drivers should obtain a temporary visitor's permit and should take a little time to familiarize themselves with British driving customs if not already used to them.

For more information on your rental car options in Bridgetown, visit our Barbados Rental Car Guide.

Bikes and Mopeds

Bikes and mopeds are also widely available and are a perfect option for a day trip through the scenic countryside. Rates can be quoted either daily or weekly, making this an affordable transportation option for seeing Bridgetown. In-town bicycles and scooters are a pleasant way to get back and forth to the beach, but are not practical as your primary source of transportation around the whole island.


Taxis are the form of transportations that many vacationers will be most familiar with. Fortunately, cabs should be easy to find at all major international entrances and hotels, enabling visitors to take advantage of a government-monitored flat rate system. Settling on a price and currency before hiring a car will still prove valuable, but on the whole, rates are low and service good.

Learn more about the taxi services in Barbados here.


Buses are a good transportation choice for visitors on a budget and those eager to experience the customs and hospitality of the local people. Competing bus lines keep fares low and routes well serviced. Plenty of stops ensure that riders are always able to disembark near their destination.


Ferries do not run at all in Bridgetown, but plenty of yachts and catamarans are available for charter. Skilled crews and native guides make tours enjoyable, as does the ability to customize a trip to suit any type of vacation. Regardless of whether you prefer a mellow, romantic cruise for two or an active tour complete with water sports, the perfect trip is just a wave away.

No matter where your interests and curiosity lead you, there are plenty of ways to get around Barbados. Whether you'll be digging for exact change or receiving honorary "Captain" status, you're sure to enjoy the convenience of intra-island transportation.


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