What's Near The Waves Hotel & Spa

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Often, finding accommodations near the right beach can make your vacation even more special.

Many guests are excited to learn that The Waves Hotel & Spa is located directly on the waterfront, so you won't need to go out of your way to enjoy the most popular feature in the area.

Nearby Beaches

Obviously, since The Waves Hotel & Spa is located on Batts Rock Beach, relaxing at the water's edge is one of the main attractions at this property. The Batts Rock Beach, located a short distance from the island's capital city, is a public beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Surrounded by tropical foliage and facing the Batts Rock Bay, the tranquil turquoise waters hide exotic reefs ripe for exploration. For travelers who want to venture farther away, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Clicking on each link below allows you to see more details:

Beaches Near Waves
Beach Distance Direction Location
Paradise Beach 0.8 S 2.4 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Mahogany Bay 0.9 N Holders Hill
Brighton Beach 1.4 S 1.8 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Cockspur Beach 1.5 SSE 1.7 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Paynes Bay Beach 1.6 N Paynes Bay
Brandons Beach 2.0 SSE 1.2 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Sandy Lane Beach 2.2 N 0.8 mi. South of Holetown
Folkestone Beach 3.4 N Holetown
Colony Club Beach 3.6 N Holetown
Carlisle Bay 3.8 SSE 0.7 mi. Southeast of Bridgetown
Pebbles Beach 4.2 SSE 1.1 mi. Southeast of Bridgetown
Holetown Beach 4.2 N Porters
Brownes Beach 4.3 SSE 1.2 mi. Southeast of Bridgetown
Needham's Point 4.8 SSE 1.6 mi. South-Southeast of Bridgetown
Drill Hall Beach 4.9 SSE 1.7 mi. South-Southeast of Bridgetown

Paradise Beach is the closest to this property. Paradise Beach is a quiet beach on the west coast of the island and features calm waters that are perfect for swimming. Shallow rock formations make for excellent snorkeling, though sea urchins should be avoided.

Nearby Areas

Stopping over at a town or community close to your resort can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, no matter if you'll just be browsing their markets, or experiencing the day in the life of a local. The Waves Hotel & Spa is located near Bridgetown; it's to the south of Holetown.

The following table contains a listing of areas near The Waves Hotel & Spa:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Prospect 0.2 E
Wanstead 0.6 ESE
Holders Hill 1.6 N
Paynes Bay 1.6 N
Hoytes 1.7 NE
Eden Lodge 1.8 E
St. Michael Parish 2.6 SE
Canewood 2.8 E
Arch Hall 2.9 NNE
Holetown 3.0 N

Nearby Attractions

Hunte's Garden

The Waves Hotel & Spa makes for a wonderful place to stay for active travelers. There are an abundance of active pursuits to be enjoyed when starting at this lodging. In fact, this region is simply full of places for travelers to explore, like Cotton Tower Signal, Hunte's Garden, and Flower Forest. Of the three nearby attractions, the closest is Cotton Tower Signal.

Still more attractions, within the vicinity of the lodging, are shown in the table below.

Attractions Near Waves
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Cotton Tower Signal Historical Site 7.7 ENE 1.3 mi. South West of Bathsheba
Hunte's Garden Botanical Garden 6.8 NE 2.2 mi. South West of Bathsheba
Flower Forest Botanical Garden 5.9 NE 3.1 mi. West-Southwest of Bathsheba
Fisherpond Great House Historical Site 5.8 ENE 3.7 mi. South West of Bathsheba
Orchid World Botanical Garden 6.0 E 3.9 mi. South-Southwest of Bathsheba
Andromeda Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 9.2 ENE 0.5 mi. Southeast of Bathsheba
Harrison's Cave Cave 5.2 NE Welchman Hall
Welchman Hall Gully Park 4.9 NE Welchman Hall
Aerial Trek Adventure Zip Line Site -- -- 4.3 mi. East-Southeast of Holetown
St. John's Church Historical Site 9.8 ENE 2.5 mi. Southeast of Bathsheba
Gun Hill Signal Station Historical Site 5.4 E 5.2 mi. South-Southwest of Bathsheba
Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum Museum 3.6 NNE 1.5 mi. East of Holetown
St. Philip's Church Historical Site 10.0 E Church Village
Sunbury Plantation House & Museum Museum 10.5 E 6.5 mi. South-Southeast of Bathsheba
Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill Historical Site 9.7 NNE 4.7 mi. East of Speightstown
Farley Hill Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.2 NNE 3.9 mi. East of Speightstown
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village Museum 2.4 ESE 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Bridgetown
Emancipation Statue Monument 4.6 SE 2.8 mi. East of Bridgetown
Limegrove Cinema Movie Theater 3.1 N Holetown
Grenade Hall Forest Signal Station Historical Site 9.2 NNE 3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Speightstown
Barbados Wildlife Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.2 NNE 3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Speightstown
Holetown Monument Monument 3.0 N Holetown
St. James Church Historical Site 3.4 N Holetown
Folkstone Museum Museum 3.4 N Holetown
Folkstone Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.4 N Holetown
Woodbourne Shorebird Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.7 E St. Patricks
3Ws Monument Monument 0.7 ESE Wanstead
Errol Barrow Park Park 4.8 SE 2.4 mi. North-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
St. Nicholas Abbey Museum 9.9 NNE 4.0 mi. East-Northeast of Speightstown
Wildey House Historical Site -- -- 2.3 mi. North-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
King George V Memorial Park Park 12.4 E 7.3 mi. Southeast of Bathsheba
Lazaretto Gardens Botanical Garden 0.5 SSE Wanstead
Barbados Olympic Museum Museum 5.5 SE 1.8 mi. North-Northwest of St. Lawrence Gap
Banks Brewery Visitor Centre Brewery 4.8 SE 2.2 mi. East of Bridgetown
Olympus Theater Movie Theater 6.2 SE Vauxhall
Ragged Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 13.9 E 7.0 mi. East-Southeast of Bathsheba
Queen's Park Park 3.6 SE 0.8 mi. East of Bridgetown
Mount Gay Rum Distilleries and Visitor Center Distillery 2.2 SSE 1.0 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Montefiore Fountain Monument 3.3 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
St. Michael's Cathedral Historical Site 3.5 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Jewish Museum Museum 3.3 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Statue Of Sir Garfield Sobers Monument 2.7 SSE 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Bridgetown
Arlington House Interactive Museum Museum 7.3 N Speightstown
Dolphin Fountain In Heroes Square Monument 3.5 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Barbados National Heroes Gallery Museum 3.5 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
National Heroes Square Park 3.5 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Lord Nelson's Bronze Statue Monument 3.5 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Errol Barrow Statue Monument 3.6 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
Independence Arch Monument 3.6 SSE Downtown Bridgetown
The Empire Theatre Movie Theater -- -- Downtown Bridgetown
Cricket Legends Museum Museum 2.8 SSE 0.4 mi. Northwest of Bridgetown
St. Peter's Church Historical Site 7.5 N Speightstown
Barbados Museum and Historical Society Museum 4.7 SE St. Matthias
Statue Of Sir Grantley Adams Monument 4.3 SSE 1.2 mi. Southeast of Bridgetown
Barbados Concorde Experience Museum 11.1 ESE 5.6 mi. East of St. Lawrence Gap
George Washington House Historical Site 4.7 SSE St. Matthias
Garrison Savannah Historical Site 4.8 SSE St. Matthias
St. Ann's Garrison Historical Site 4.7 SSE St. Matthias
Gravesend Military Cemetery Historical Site 4.7 SSE 1.5 mi. South-Southeast of Bridgetown
Needhams Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 4.7 SSE 1.5 mi. South-Southeast of Bridgetown
Charles Fort Historical Site 4.7 SSE 1.5 mi. South-Southeast of Bridgetown
South Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 9.8 SE Atlantic Shores
Harrison Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 11.5 N 4.0 mi. North of Speightstown
Animal Flower Cave Cave 13.4 N 6.1 mi. North-Northeast of Speightstown

If you're on the lookout for an enjoyable experience, Cotton Tower Signal may be just what you're looking for. Back in the 19th century the Barbados military utilized a series of signal stations to give island wide warning when a threat would occur. They were built on highly elevated ground both so that the military officers would have a good view of the surrounding area as they stood watch, and so that others would see their signals.

Nearby Accommodations

Learning more about nearby booking possibilities is oftentimes an excellent way to get a feel for the surrounding area. You will be able to find no shortage of other destinations to learn about prior to making a decision, as this section of Barbados offers travelers a sweeping variety of hotel and resort options. To learn more about the hotel booking options available close-by, view the following table.

Accommodations near Waves
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Villa Marie Guesthouse 0.5 N 2.5 mi. South of Holetown, Barbados
Crystal Cove Hotel 0.8 N 2.2 mi. South of Holetown, Barbados
Palm Paradise 1.0 N Paynes Bay, Barbados
Angler Apartments -- -- 2.5 mi. South-Southeast of Holetown, Barbados
Beach View Hotel 1.1 N Holders Hill, Barbados
Tamarind Cove Hotel 1.4 N Holders Hill, Barbados
Treasure Beach 1.4 N Paynes Bay, Barbados
The House 1.4 N Holders Hill, Barbados
Treasure Beach Hotel 1.5 N Holders Hill, Barbados
Old Trees Bay 1.6 N Paynes Bay, Barbados

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