Wedding Locations and Venues in Barbados

Let the location for your Barbados wedding find you, not the other way around

Whether set amid the beauty of a botanical garden, on a chartered yacht at sunset, or inside one of the island's numerous historical churches, your dream wedding in Barbados is easily brought to life.  With virtually no legal restrictions on where a wedding on the island can be held, your options are wide open.

While planning a Barbados wedding, many couples struggle with choosing a venue without being able to check out the area prior to making reservations.  Therefore, many people decide to solicit the service of an event planner to take care of every necessary element surrounding a wedding (to learn more about hiring a wedding planner, visit our guide to Budgeting and Planning your Barbados Wedding). If you prefer to do all the planning yourself, determining the type of wedding you would like to have will help narrow your possible choices significantly, making the whole process a bit less complex.

Types of Ceremonies

Even though the most commonly encountered style of a Caribbean wedding planned by travelers is a beach ceremony, this is not the only option to consider.

Traditional Wedding

Many couples seek a traditional style of wedding, which primarily takes place in a religious establishment. Even in a tropical location like Barbados, engaged couples can organize a wedding that honors their faith. This is especially true of Barbados, where there are over 100 religious denominations that congregate on the island.  Many of the churches here are over 100 years old, and hold a lot of history, making them an extra special place for you to say your vows.  Your event planner can help you locate a church or temple that is appropriate for your beliefs.

Places of Worship in Barbados
Venue Location Phone Number
Christ Church Parish Church  Christ Church
Sharon Moravian Church  St. Thomas
St. James Parish Church  St. James
St. John Parish Church  St. John
St. Joseph Parish Church  St. Joseph
St. Lucy Parish Church  St. Lucy
St. Patrick's Cathedral  Bridgetown 246-436-9281
St. Peter Parish Church  St. Peter
St. Philip Parish Church  St. Philip
St. Thomas Parish Church  St. Thomas
St. George Parish Church  St. George

Alternatively, couples may choose to host a more traditionally designed ceremony at a gallery, plantation house, or important historical site.

Traditional Wedding Venues in Barbados
Venue Location Phone Number
Bagatelle Great House St. Thomas 246-421-6767
Barbados Museum and Historical Society St. Michael 246-427-0201
Fisher Pond Great House St. Thomas 246-433-1754
Gun Hill Signal Station  St. George
Sanbury Great House St. Philip 246-423-6270
St. Nicholas Abbey  St. Peter
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village Bridgetown 246-426-2421

Outdoor Weddings

From relaxing landscapes and inviting seas to towering palm trees and delicate seashells, it's no wonder that the beach is the most popular destination for outdoor weddings. Weddings on or near a Barbados beach are always exquisite affairs. The ocean and fine sand offer such an ideal backdrop that few adornments are necessary. Additionally, weddings hosted on the beach are quite easy to plan, and smaller weddings may not necessitate permits.  Three of the most popular beaches for weddings are Bottom Bay, Carlisle Bay, and Foul Bay, but dozens of others exist.  For a comprehensive listing of beaches on the island, visit our guide to Barbados Beaches.

However, couples should keep in mind that beaches aren't the only locations available if you fantasize about getting married outdoors. Numerous resorts offer villas with views of seashores, mountain peaks, and tropical flora. Getting married in a botanical garden is another possibility. For something especially distinctive and spectacular, consider arranging a wedding in a mysterious underground cave.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Barbados
 Venue Location
Phone Number
Andromeda Gardens  St. Joseph
Flower Forest  St.  Joseph
Harrison's Cave  St. Thomas
Orchid World St. George 246-433-0306
 The Boatyard
 Bridgetown  246-436-2622
 Tree Line Park
St. Joseph

Marriage at Sea

Couples that dream of getting married at sea find that doing so in Barbados is one of the most stunning places on earth. The Caribbean Sea boasts some of the most crystal clear, calm waters, with incredible views. You could arrange to get married on board a major cruise line that makes a stop in Barbados, or reserve a chartered vessel for a designated period of time. You may also book a boat for a full day and enjoy your reception on the boat as well.  In Barbados, catamarans are the most widely available option.  It is important to note that when you plan a wedding on a catamaran your guest list will be limited to 50 people or less in most cases.  If the idea of a small, intimate affair appeals to you, chartering a catamaran for your big day may work for you.

Wedding Charter Services in Barbados
Charter Location Phone Number
Atlantis Submarine Bridgetown 866-546-7820
Jammin' Catamaran Cruises  St. James
Silver Moon Luxury Catamarans St. Michael 246-438-2088
Tall Ships Cruises

Casual vs. Formal

Every couple has a unique view concerning how formal they would like their special day to be. Although island weddings are normally regarded as informal occasions, you can dress your wedding up with formal wear and elegant table settings. If you want to make a church ceremony more casual, consider asking whether casual attire is acceptable for guests.

Resorts with Wedding Packages


A common choice for couples considering a wedding in Barbados is investing in a wedding and honeymoon package at a large hotel or resort.  Booking a wedding package at these facilities is a hassle-free way to plan your big day, because virtually everything is included. Most packages are comprised of the following:

  • Personalized wedding consultant and planner
  • Wedding location
  • Reception venue
  • Officiant
  • Floral bouquet and boutonnière
  • Cake
  • Reception food and beverages
  • Photographer
  • Marriage certificate
  • Government fees

Optional bonuses may include:

  • Lodging for the wedding party
  • Videography
  • Music and entertainment
  • Wedding favors
  • Honeymoon package
  • Planned events and activities for wedding party and guests

Couples will find that most wedding packages at hotels and resorts in Barbados start at around $1500(USD) and increase from there, based upon add-ons and number of guests.

Resorts with Wedding Packages in Barbados
Resort Location Phone Number
Almond Beach Village St. Peter 246-422-4900
Bougainvillea Beach Resort Christ Church
Escape Hotel and Spa St. James 246-424-7571
Sandy Lane Golf and Spa Resort St. James 246-444-2000
Silver Point Villa Hotel  Christ Church
Southern Palms Beach  Christ Church
Sweetfield Manor St. Michael 246-429-8356
Time Out at the Gap Christ Church  246-435-9473
Treasure Beach Hotel St. James  246-419-4200

From an extravagant affair in a conventional venue, to an intimate exchange of vows on the beach, having your wedding in Barbados will be a memorable experience. Barbados offers everything necessary to ensure a successful wedding.


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