Activities on Barbuda

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Populated by more Frigate Birds that humans, Barbuda is a tiny island off the coast of Antigua that sees only a select group of tourists who visit the island specifically for the quiet and tranquility it is known for.  You might imagine that there are very few activities to participate in here, but indeed there is plenty to keep tourists busy – they just may be more relaxed than other top destinations.

Bike and Scooter Rental

While the Caribbean lifestyle might not conjure up images of competive biking, there is a increasingly strong presense of avid bikers calling Barbuda their vacation destination. Even the casual tourist will find bikes and scooters a conveient way to see the island.

If you like the idea of feeling the wind on your face as you move along, you will find a couple of businesses that can help. Take advantage of this extended discussion regarding bike and scooter rentals if you want to get additional details.


Barbuda Diving

Practically surrounded by a coral reef, Barbuda is a diving hotspot for those willing to make the journey to this quiet island.

There is one dive service in the area. To navigate to our detailed guide to diving in this area, follow this link.

Sailing and Boating

The table directly below enables you to get a few details regarding local providers that will help you spend some time on the open water.

Boating Opportunities On Barbuda
Name Phone Location
Foster Hopkins Tours (268) 560-0212 Codrington, Central Barbuda
Paradise Tours Barbuda (268) 721-2796 Codrington, Central Barbuda

If you're interested in reading about area marinas and charter operators follow this link.


If you are traveling with some people who enjoy exploring new shops they might enjoy visiting some of the 10 retail shops in the area. Follow this link to view our extended discussion of shopping on Barbuda.


Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Another great activity is enjoying the area's interesting sights. Anyone who needs to find more details about area sightseeing opportunities can do so here.

Information about a firm that will help you have a great time sightseeing can be found in the chart below.

Sightseeing Services On Barbuda
Name Type Phone Location
Barbuda Outback Tours Travel and Tour Operators (268) 721-3280 Codrington, Central Barbuda
Bermuda Kayak Rental Kayaking Service (268) 773-9599 Codrington, Central Barbuda


If spending some time snorkeling sounds like fun you're in luck -- you'll have the chance off the coast of Barbuda. For a better look at local snorkeling opportunities, go to this article.


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