Attractions on Barbuda

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For many people staying on Antigua, Barbuda in itself is an attraction.  Those staying on the island will have more time to explore, which means trips to the local museum, days spent on the beaches, and plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with the abundance of nature that is available here. 


You will find several beaches to enjoy on the island. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, if some members of your party are so inclined. Click on the beach names to get additional information about that beach.

If you are wanting to snorkel, a beach with that option is Palm Beach. Flat and expansive, this beach has only a few buildings and then nothing but sand and sea for miles. To walk down this beach is to experience a taste of untouched paradise.

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Another good option for snorkelers is Pink Sand Beach. With almost eight miles of silk sand that glows pink in the sun thanks to the crush coral that lives amongst the gravel, Pink Sand Beach is truly a sight to behold. Complimented by the stunningly turquoise waters, this beach is a can't miss.

Goat Point: Almost too small to be called a cape, Goat Point has a very long stretch of white sugar sand along the coast, with interesting foliage and paths inland. It's far from where most of the development is on the island and you're sure to attune yourself to the natural beauty of the Caribbean here.

These examples are merely a few of what you can find. Navigate here to visit our page about beaches for Barbuda.


In case you enjoy learning about other people and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum during your vacation.

Barbuda Museum is a museum in central Barbuda. The artifacts on display have been discovered by visitors, locals, and students on the island over the years. There is also a collection of photographs that paint a vivid picture of life on the island.

The table below lists more information about a museum you might enjoy on Barbuda.

Museums On Barbuda
Name Phone Location Island
Barbuda Museum -- Codrington, Central Barbuda Barbuda

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Do you hope to enjoy more of your vacation seeing the local flaura and fauna? You may be happy to learn the island has a popular nature preserve on it.

Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a nature preserve situated in northwestern Barbuda. Visitors will be able to explore the mangrove coast and get closer to the Frigate Birds than anywhere else. Other activities are limited, the mangrove vegetation make hiking difficult, so kayak or other boat is the preferred mode of transportation.

Nature Preserves and Hiking On Barbuda
Name Type Location Island
Frigate Bird Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Goat Island Barbuda


Although most people visiting the area have heard about the region's beaches, those aren't the only way to enjoy the area's natural wonders. One such example is The Caves. It is situated in northern Barbuda.

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to go see some of the more popular naturally occurring land formations. Other types of natural attractions on Barbuda can be seen in the table below.

Land Formations On Barbuda
Name Type Location
Castle Bay Bay 5.1 mi. East-Southeast of Central Barbuda
Cob Cove Bay 0.9 mi. North of Central Kid Island
Gravenors Bay Bay 6.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Barbuda
Lagoon Lagoon 3.2 mi. West-Northwest of Central Barbuda
Low Bay Bay 4.2 mi. West of Central Barbuda
Pelican Bay Bay 6.0 mi. Southeast of Central Barbuda
Rubbish Bay Bay 4.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Barbuda
Salt Pond Pond 6.1 mi. Southeast of Central Barbuda
The Highlands Mountain 2.5 mi. Northeast of Central Barbuda
Two Foot Bay Bay 4.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central Barbuda

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